mXspy app reviews 2019: How it works for iOS and Android

Daniel Black
mXspy app reviews 2018 How it works for iOS and Android

What is mXspy?

Monitoring tools come to the market under the sauce of spying ones. They claim to be the best when delivering the info about somebody else. Whoever it is another person spies on, apps like MxSpy promise to make it as smooth as possible.

MxSpy team says it is the most reliable mobile device spy application that tracks and provides all the information (data, communication, location) to the control panel of the person who actually spies on somebody.

The existence of such applications is quite questionable and undermines the ethical issues.

How mXspy Works

As any similar phone, it’s easy to install these apps. But you always need a physical access to the device that belongs to the third person. Thus, you need to set it up on the device which you’re going to monitor. Afterward, you’ll be able to track distantly all mobile and tablet usage and whereabouts from your PC or phone.

A huge drawback of this app is that it used only with Android devices. It’s important to notice that this app is not presented on Google Play. This means Google does not approve its use and to download it, you have to go to its official site.

In order to start using software, you need to download it from the site and install on both devices – yours and another person’s one.

Monitor Phone Calls and Messages: Tracking call

Monitoring how somebody communicates with others, especially of the opposite sex, might be very seducing. If you love somebody or care about them, you’d rather know who they talk with, how much time it takes to speak to that person, etc. Thus, this kind of apps fuels people’s suspicions. It’s noteworthy to understand they are not a cure but sort of revealer if the current relationships are worth being continued.

What does MxSpy allow? It enables a user to view all calls (incoming and outgoing) meanwhile providing the time stamps. Also, you can record the calls, listen to their essence, and find the person on the contact list.

Monitor Phone Calls and Messages: Monitoring texting messages

MxSpy delivers every single word, phrase ever received or sent by the monitored person. This feature is a subject of a high interest since it translates the whole communication. It is insightful and eye-opening. However, it contradicts ethical norms and undermines the human rights for privacy.

So does MxSpy monitor text messages? Definitely, it does. It delivers all the content of the text messages, also providing time stamps of received and sent ones.

Monitor Phone Calls and Messages: Tracking GPS location

Stories allow the most to understand the role of every single feature when using the app. Thus, tracking the GPS location might be helpful when you want to identify where your significant one is at a particular moment. So, MxSpy really tracks the exact whereabouts of the target device as well as logs visited places. It is super powerful for overprotective caretakers.

Read Instant Messenger Apps: Facebook Spy

If you check the content of the site, you’ll find “Facebook hack”. That’s the case – you can read instant messages exchanging via Facebook messenger.

What do people usually do via Facebook messages? They exchange the multimedia files and text each other. They also record audio and video and send them as well.
This app’s feature allows to view the Facebook profile and messages.

Here’s a fact – lots of businesses today pick the Facebook Messenger as a communication tool with customers. If this kind of info might be the subject of interest to you, you can always verify it with this feature.

Read Instant Messenger Apps: WhatsApp Spy

Like the Facebook messenger, monitoring WhatsApp seems reasonable since lots of people use it for work and personal life. Besides, the messenger has the feature which allows sharing the location. What if the monitored person associates the location to the potential meeting? This can speak volume.

What kind of info can I find out there? You can find messages, images, audio and video shared among companions. If you want to monitor somebody’s chatting, you can use WhatsApp Spy feature of MxSpy.

Read Instant Messenger Apps: Skype Spy

Skype Spy is another monitoring feature to find out about chatting via Skype. However, this channel of communication is very cumbersome and not so popular, especially among the youth.

Skype was initially designed to unite people who are far away from each other. At present, you can use any other easier way to communicate with people without any bond with the territory.

As many other spy apps, MxSpy contains this feature in case you want to monitor somebody’s Skype.

Read Instant Messenger Apps: Viber Spy

As WhatsApp, Viber is a messaging app as well. Any content ever shared, received via Viber might be monitored.

People turn to it as a useful service to get in touch via calls and text messages for free. MxSpy customers can always monitor somebody’s Viber messages.

Read Instant Messenger Apps: LINE Spy

Line used to be more popular in Asia than in the U.S. It had a huge market share in Japan, Taiwan and Thailand. The app was influenced by the Japanese culture and accordingly was used by Asian Americans in the U.S. The app contains characters and emojis proper to the Japanese nation.

MxSpy monitors LINE as well. So, if you want to find out more about the communication via this messenger, MxSpy feature allows to do it.

Read Instant Messenger Apps: Kik Spy

Spying on Kik instant messages might be a piece as well. It is used to text friends or groups of friends. Kik requires an email and password credentials to create a free account. It uses the device’s smart data and the Internet connection to exchange messages.

MxSpy allows monitoring Kik and delivers all the information straight to the control panel.

Read Instant Messenger Apps: Hangouts Spy

Hangouts is not as popular as WhatsApp, but people don’t understand why. This is a good app for chatting. It runs on PC, Android OS, Chromebook. It also allows sharing photos, screen when connected online. MxSpy allows monitoring of any interaction via this messenger.

Read Instant Messenger Apps: BBM Spy

BlackBerry Messenger or BBM is apparently not so popular as WhatsApp, Viber or LINE.
As every single messenger, it allows sharing photos, videos, texts, stickers, emojis. It carries the information a spying person might need to fish for some specific information. MxSpy makes any interaction via the BBM messenger visible to the monitored person.

Access Calendar and Address Book: View contacts list

Monitoring contact lists is so attractive, especially if your significant one is a hit with other women or men. With MxSpy, users can view all contacts ever entered in the phone’s address book. Obviously, there’s a moral side of using this app. Before deciding to purchase it, the user should assess all pros and cons.

Access Calendar and Address Book: View All Calendar Entries

Are you afraid your partner is planning something without letting you know? Maybe he or she’s planning your anniversary and prepping a surprise. Anyway, do not turn to spy software if your lover’s behavior seems unusual. Let your relationships have some room for the unknown. If you still want to find out what’s in their mind, you can use the relevant MxSpy feature which allows viewing all calendar entries.

Monitor Multimedia File and Internet Use: View Photos

Viewing photos can be insightful. This feature might be especially helpful for parents who have teens in the house. Caregivers can use monitoring tools that allow viewing photos since images and photos are the most used in child sexting. However, in this case, it’s better to use parental control apps released by solid developers which do not make you undermine the moral side.

Monitor Multimedia File and Internet Use: Watch Videos

Watching videos shot by your significant one is also possible with MxSpy. Like with photos, you can find out lots of interesting things. Or, as a caretaker you can prevent unwanted stuff your kid might face otherwise. For example, you saw your teen was filming some inappropriate content. You decide to step in in time to prevent its going viral and getting into the hands of abusers.

Monitor Multimedia File and Internet Use: View all browsing history and bookmarks

If you want to find something about the person, have a look at their profile, postings, comments on social media. The point is the online life of an individual can speak volume.
Apparently, this fact might be attractive to those who are willing to track somebody’s online activity. MxSpy satisfies this curiosity offering the feature that makes the whole browsing history and bookmarks visible to the monitored person.

Remotely control: Backup device

Besides spying opportunities, mxSpy offers the Backup feature. It’s not a secret that smartphones are often stolen. They might contain some inclusive information which is very important to the owners. So, this feature is very powerful and necessary nowadays. However, if you pick an app and it also provides the backup feature, it’s a good fit. However, in case of spying app, it’s still dubious.

Remotely control: Device locked

The Device locked feature is also necessary and powerful. For the record, device lock is designed to prevent an unauthorized access to the device which belongs to another person. It prevents from the data theft or leak, illegal financial operations, fishing for personal contacts and people behind them.

Remotely control: Added device information

MxSpy offers a customer to view the information stored by another added device. Make sure this kind of opportunity do not undermine your relationships, ethical norms, and work ethics as well.

Remotely control: Dashboard

The dashboard feature is one of the MxSpy remote control features. From a Dashboard, you can read, view, check any information that is delivered about the monitored person.

Why is mSpy better?

mSpy is a parental control app which provides the full spectrum on monitoring features to parents. It has a flexible subscriptions plan and pricing policy. mSpy support staff is there for customers 24/7 in 6 languages for troubleshooting.

It’s noteworthy that mSpy positioning is strictly parental control and it encourages parents to inform their kids about the fact of monitoring and conveying why it’s necessary nowadays. It is well described in its Privacy Policy.

Due to the GDPR law release, many European firms are obliged to stick to its data storage guidelines. mSpy has incorporated them into its workflow and customers can be sure that their personal information is safe.

Its team is also socially responsible raising awareness about online dangers among caretakers.

To sum up, mSpy a good fit for caregivers and parents if they want to prevent or protect their children online.

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