New iPhone6 & its Security

iPhone Handsets are Maximum Stolen Handsets: Government Reports
Apple has unveiled its new iPhone6 last Tuesday and everyone was anticipating for the new look of the renowned phone. Government of England has declared the fact with this news that iPhones are mostly targeted by thieves because of high rate, popularity and of course, status symbol. Figures suggest that maximum mobile phones stolen in England between the years 2012-14 are iPhones. Maximum Phone Theft Ratio goes with iPhone 5 mobiles, which were targeted in the past years due to its high popularity rate. After iPhone versions 5, 5s, 4s; there were listings of Samsung, HTC and Blackberry smartphones on the index. This listing was done by crime data analysis in London.
Apple is the leader of phones and it is analyzed that women aged 14-28 are mostly losing their mobile phones in theft cases. There are strong security features introduced in mobile phones to reduce the chances of theft. Pick pocketing or carelessness can be the main reasons for direct stealing of mobile phones. Mobile phone theft is still a concern for the government and they always suggest people never to keep personal details, emails, bank details and other sensitive information on the mobile phones to prevent its misuse. Government, people and police have to work together to handle mobile theft crime.
Crime Survey for England and Wales Report
In 2012 and 2013 data, there were 742K victims of cell phone theft in England and Wales.
London alone had a loss of one million mobile phones, which was reported to Metropolitan police during the year 2013.
Apple introduced new security measures in iOS, which was an update in September last year and it reduced the iPhone thefts consequently. Apple’s spokesperson acclaimed that Find My iPhone was launched in 2009 for remotely setting password or removing the personal data. The new iOS7 has a function namely Activation Lock and it functions in preventing people from using iPhone. It helps in recovering the device as well.
Software for Securing iPhones
Apple iPhones can be spied by using monitoring software on the mobile devices. These software apps are mainly used for tracking, but in case your mobile gets stolen, you can get all information about the mobile usage, exact GPS location and every single activity done on the mobile. It is indeed the most preferred way of monitoring online and securing iPhone. With the launch of iPhone 6, it is definite that people loving these mobile devices will purchase it very soon. You need to be particular about the phone security and hence, choose the best spying software to keep your mobile phone safe. Your private information and other details should not be very easily available on the mobile device and you need to immediately let the police know about any theft cases. There are many tracking software like mSpy available in the market and they are successfully leading in securing devices and prevent thefts. However, that is the best iPhone tracking soft. With it, you can not only view text messages, but also read IMs.

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