New mSpy Feature – Uninstall Notification

mSpy is an advanced monitoring application that allows parents and employers to be aware of all online/offline activities of their children & employees on mobile devices & computers. It helps them control personal & business data flow and undertake adequate measures accordingly (in case of data leak by workers, kids’ misbehavior, possible identity theft, teenagers’ cyber-bullying etc.).

The company regularly introduces new features to improve the usability of the app & to offer all-in-one solution to as many safety & security problems of its clients as possible. Thus, welcome the new feature of mSpy – Uninstall Notification!

Uninstall Notification feature allows receiving and viewing detailed information on how mSpy application was deleted from the monitored device completely (or partially damaged), why and at what circumstances it happened.

Sometimes, logs can stop coming to an account in an abrupt manner, without any explanation, & the clients start wondering about reasons. They might even start worrying whether some legal proceedings are underway. It’s a very unpleasant & unnerving situation…

Now, when the customers have Uninstall Notification feature at their disposal, they are immediately offered top 5 reasons why the app was disabled (e.g. the file in the file system is partially damaged, the app is deleted from the apps’ list/Wizard/Cydia, authorization data of the app are cleared, etc.). This feature lets users know the exact time when the logs ceased coming in, & come up with possible answers. Our customers don’t need to call or e-mail support in a hurry now; they get all the information themselves & can act accordingly.

In addition, they are advised on the possible ways out of the situation (logs storage, data backup, etc.), which helps a lot, especially to those users who are not tech-savvy. Uninstall Notification feature is available for mobile devices that function on both iOS & Android platforms.

Besides Uninstall Notification, there are some classical features that have already won recognition of numerous clients. Among them, there are:

Besides, there are plans to introduce more brand-new features in the nearest future to attract customers worried by some highly specific problems of their kids’ or employees’ behavior. For example, trackers for Instagram, Telegram & some other popular instant messengers will soon be offered for mobile devices.

As for desktops, browser history & bookmarks monitoring, as well as different types of blocking features will be introduced to the public as well.

mCloud version of the app will make its users happy due to their newly-acquired ability of monitoring chats in Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, & Instagram. Besides, Wi-Fi networks & locations tracking are in future plans as well.

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