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New mSpy tracking features: Kik & Instagram

New mSpy tracking features: Kik & Instagram

Great news, parents! mSpy parental control app has added two new features to monitor your kid`s Instagram direct messages and Kik messenger. In this article, we will discuss the need to monitor these apps as well as the dangers they pose to underage children.


Instagram is one of those apps that probably doesn’t need any description. Today it is hard to find a kid without an Instagram account. This app has become a constant partner for our kids` time spending. With the help of this app, our kids share their points of view, photos, videos, make traveling reports, make value judgments about events and places they visit.

Before having this app, who could think that a picture of your daily food would interest somebody else but you? But actually, now it doesn’t seem out of the ordinary.

Nowadays, the Instagram is the most popular app in the world for photo sharing. With the help of this app users post almost everything they see around them, including their selfies, food shots and their pets photos. Without doubts, this app is becoming more and more popular among youngsters who are in step with the times and remain up-to-date with evolving technologies.

Why this app is dangerous?

It is an open secret that some photos on the Instagram are not appropriate for teens and can have an undesired effect on them (i. g. violence, sexual content, drugs, alcohol and so on). Here is a list of the main dangers your child may face using the Instagram app.

1. Privacy settings

It is a critical point to have privacy settings on your child’s Instagram account. The default sharing feature of the Instagram is public. It means that every user can follow your kids` account and see all the photos and videos they share without their approval. You need to remember that even a simple holiday photo of your kid in a swimming suit might be stolen by pedophiles (child abusers) or other evildoers and used for their benefits.

You need to be 100 % sure that your children have a private account and only allowed people can see the pictures and videos they share. Otherwise, all users will be able to see the content your kids share, and they will be at risk to fall into a trap of sexual predators.

2. Cyberbullying

If the account is public, every user can comment on the content, cyberbully and add cruel comments to your kid`s posts. What’s more, all the content your child has uploaded to the Instagram can be used by the evildoers. They can create fake accounts in different social media apps with your kid`s name, photos or videos. Then gangs of teens could comment on the account using insulting words towards your child. It is the way how cyberbullying works.

Instagram is filled with the endless stream of different pictures categorized with hashtags. That’s why it can be easily classified as an unfiltered search engine. Do you want to see the pictures of the Eiffel Tower? Just type #eiffeltower, and you will see them. Do you want to see cute puppies? Type #cutepuppies. Do you want to see naked photos? Type #topless. Unfortunately, the Instagram contains a lot of unfiltered information which is not always appropriate for young kids.

4. Geo-location

Instagram has a feature that allows users to choose their geo-location and tag an image with it. It is a dangerous aspect of this app because evildoers can find kids` school, home or a place where they are at this or that very moment.

5. Direct messages

Instagram Direct poses a severe risk to your kids` online safety. Any user can message them. Photos and videos of their followers appear instantly. If someone they are not following sends them a message, it will be in message requests. And your children can decide if they want to see it or not. But would you be okay with a stranger approaching your kid on the street and trying to start a conversation? We doubt. This app poses a real threat to your kids.

Why you need to monitor this app?

Unfortunately, kids don’t have analytical thinking. Consequently, they are not able to differentiate what is good or bad on the stormy area of the Internet. They take everything at face-value. With the help of our new feature, you will be able to monitor all messages, links, photos, and videos in their direct. Being a parent, it is your duty to protect your child from all dangers and sexual predators they may face online.

How to monitor your kid`s Instagram?

There are three ways to do it:

  • 1. Follow your kids on Instagram You will be able to see photos and videos your children share on their account (without direct messages).
  • 2. Use parental control app to see your kids` direct Without doubts, doting parents want to monitor direct messages too. It is important to understand what messages your kids receive and send as well as the links they follow. Now it is possible to control your kid`s direct messages with a new mSpy Instagram tracking feature.

With mSpy parental control app, you can be sure that your kid is not a victim of online predators who befriend kids online.

The other new thing is Kik messenger tracking feature.

What is Kik?

It is a popular app that allows to send and receive messages, get and share photos, videos and the other type of the content. This app is quite popular among teens as it doesn`t require your phone number. Users need nothing else but their username. This feature gives teens a sense of safety and privacy. But actually, it is where the lie begins. Being a careful parent, you must protect your kids from all possible online dangers and risks.

Why this app is dangerous for kids?

  • 1. Artificial reality – Hiding a real name and using an artificial one, kids can be whoever they want to be and talk to whoever they want to speak. With the help of the Kik, kids are not confined to the real social circle and people they talk every day in real life. They talk to different people on the Internet, both good and bad.
  • 2. Online predators – Due to its anonymity, the Kik is used by many sexual predators and child abusers. It makes them fearless, gives them a possibility to escape from liability. They can start a conversation and steer it in any direction they want, without taking into consideration how reckless it is. Recently, the Action News did a research and posed themselves as 16 year- old- girl on this app. Within a few minutes, older men were sending their private photos not appropriate for broadcasting for underage teens. The police say that this app is an outstanding playground for sexual predators and child abusers.

How to reduce online risks?

  • 1. Have a conversation with your childGive them some guidelines to prevent online dangers such as:
    • never share your real phone number;
    • don`t give a phone number and your home address to the strangers;
    • discuss possible situations they may face online and the ways to avoid biter consequences;
    • don`t talk to people who make them uncomfortable;
    • propose to use safe apps instead of the Kik
  • 2. Use a new mSpy featureOne of the most reliable ways to be sure of your kids` online safety is to monitor their Kik`s app with the help of parental control app mSpy. Unfortunately, not all kids understand how serious online dangers can be. If Kik is not appropriately used, it can lead to serious troubles.When it comes to mSpy, it provides a lot of features to monitor the Kik app. You can track all conversations, shared files and the other content from your Personal panel.

Useful tips for kids to be safe using the Instagram and the Kik apps:

1) Be careful with the content you post

  • Never share provocative photos online as it can lead you to troubles later on.
  • Never share your intimate details online. Even your friends can use this info against you, especially when they become ex-friends.

2) Read between the lines

Without doubts, meeting new people and making friends online is a fun thing, but remember that while some people are really nice, others are just pretending to be nice in order to get something in return or satisfy their demands. Even friendly supportive messages may contain evil intend (e.g., manipulation) than friendship and care.

3) Don`t talk about sex online

You need to be very cautious when you are talking to strangers online, especially when somebody is about to talk about sex or the other naughty things. If somebody is quite suspicious it is better to instantly stop talking to this person and block him.

4) Avoid meetings in person

If you need to get together, you must choose a noisy public place, take a friend with you and tell a parent where you are going.

5) Make a smart use of your phone

Don`t use your GPS location and other technologies that can pinpoint your location. This info can be available only for your parents.

Now you know why it is crucial to monitor Kik and Instagram and what dangers these apps pose to underage kids.

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