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Smartphones are pretty much the hottest technology in the world right now. From simple devices to place phone calls and send text messages, mobile phones have come a long way into what they are now. They have made themselves a vital part of day to day life and today they are nothing short of mini computers in our pockets designed to handle whatever a user throws at them. But at one point or the other, you have to ask; with all the latest features and advances already exploited, is there anything more that smartphones can possibly bring to the table? The answer may just surprise you.
While Apple and Google have been enjoying their popularity in the world as leaders of the smartphone operating systems, Microsoft has also cropped up in recent years, and it is not planning to slow down. For Windows Phone by Microsoft, the future of their smartphones is going to be ‘Real Motion’.
Ever thought about having a smartphone that is so smart you don’t have to touch it? Well, Microsoft has certainly thought about it, as they are planning to put features like those of Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect into their smartphones. These features will let users interact with their phones without having to touch them at all. The technology has been named as ‘Real Motion’ or ‘3D Touch’ and has been developed by Nokia after years of hard work. Nokia, now owned by Microsoft, are planning to release this technology in their Nokia McLaren device later this year.
Here are some of the prominent, and rather cool, features of the new technology:

  • Holding the phone to the ear will allow users to answer calls.
  • Putting a phone down on a table while a call is active will automatically turn on the speakerphone.
  • Users will be able to easily hang up on a call by putting their phones in their pockets.
  • Covering the phone with a hand or pressing it to one’s chest will make the phone go mute.
  • Users will be able to dismiss notifications by a simple wave of the hand over the screen.
  • A phone with this technology will also make sure that your phone does not change its orientation when you lie down in bed. We all know the fact that it is a real pain to have your phone change its screen orientation when you lie down and it will be very helpful to have a smartphone which detects that based on how the user grips his phone while in bed.
  • And if you thought these features were just limited to the front of the phone, you’re wrong. The sides of the phone will also become interactive and users will be able to zoom in and out while taking a picture simple by moving their finger along the sides.
  • And lastly, while hovering a finger over the tiles on the Windows Phone Start Screen, users will be able to interact with further, smaller tiles that will be revealed sort of in a ‘blown up’ way relevant to the original tile.

What Microsoft seems to be going towards with this technology are smartphones will lesser, or no hardware buttons at all. They have put a lot of hardware sensors in the McLaren to make it all happen. The question is, how different will this technology be from Samsung’s Air Gestures or Amazon’s similar 3D features in their next smartphones? As for Samsung, one can conclude that Microsoft’s move is rather more universal to the OS. They are also urging app developers to design apps that make use of this technology while Samsung’s Gestures are simply used to change music tracks or accept phone calls. But they are usually simply gimmicks and not of much real world use.
This is where Microsoft seems to shine through. To be able to control almost all of the key features of a smartphone without having to fiddle around with hardware buttons may just be the thing they need to gain them the traction to compete with Android or iOS, and as seen before with the ‘double tap to wake’ feature in Windows Phones, we know that their features are usually far from simple gimmicks.

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