Smartphone Revolution: No More Christmas Shopping Panic

According to the latest survey, British men tend to use their mobile phones more to keep away from the common last-minute shopping panic that arises on the high street during pre-Christmas time.


In all probability, the number of British men procrastinating until the last hour will reduce this year, which is confirmed by the study carried out by Paypal. This number has seen a decrease from 14 percent on Christmas Eve in 2011 to just 7 percent in 2012.
Such a decrease is due to more than one in ten British men reporting they had already bought or are going to buy gifts using their cell phone this Christmas, and about 46% (46%) looking for gifts on their phones.
Men from Glasgow and Belfast suffer from Christmas shopping panic more than other British men. The most farsighted men when it comes to buying Christmas gifts are the residents of the South-East.

Mobile Shopping

It’s obvious that mobile phones have broken the stereotype of men putting Christmas shopping off to the last moment. They enable people to compare prices and make purchases with greater ease.

Shoppers regardless of gender are increasingly using their smartphones in order to:

  • scan barcodes (12% of respondents);
  • take photos of products (31%);
  • take notes of other people’s sizes of clothes and shoes for gifts (11%).

Rob Skinner commented on the behalf of Paypal that no one expected that the smartphone shopping revolution would have such a great impact on men who used to buy presents to their loved ones in the last minute.
Since smartphone users are finding it easy to make purchases when they have a spare minute, whether it’s in the public transport or in the armchair while watching theit favorite TV shows. Mobile shopping lets them avoid the weekend hassle on the high street.

Paypal’s mobile payment technology

At the moment, Paypal’s instore mobile payment technology is used by 17,000 shops and 7 mln locations are going to switch to it in 2013, due to the recent agreement between PayPal and direct banking company Discover.
Mr Skinner also said that the line between high street shopping and online shopping was getting blurrier and blurrier due to the advanced mobile technology. The launch of smartphones has led to the rise of the new breed of mobile shopper. PayPal’s profits keep going up as increasingly more people take advantage of the smartphone revolution.

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