Nude Pictures – Now A Direct Way To Jails

The Guardian reports a 17-year-old guy from North Carolina to be prosecuted for keeping nude pictures of himself on his own phone. The question is whether parents can still be confident in safety of their children in the era of all-around mobile photos and endless selfies. What are the most reliable ways to protect your be-loved?

Well-well-well… Have you flipped through today’s The Guardian pages during your morning coffee & croissant? Then you’ve definitely gasped at the information on a 17-year-old guy from North Carolina who “has been prosecuted for having nude pictures of himself on his own mobile phone” (©)! Just imagine, HIS OWN PICTURES at HIS OWN PHONE! Facing the threat of potential registration as sex offender isn’t a good start in life for a teenager, one should say!

Actually, this case is just the tip of the iceberg that got into prime time of public attention, due to recent massive coverage in mass media. Since the advent of mobile gadgets, teenagers have been head over heels in taking innumerable pictures by their smartphone’s cameras they even go to bed with. They adore making selfies everywhere they go, every single second. These pictures then go down the chute of most versatile (and often most troublesome at that!) social sites, to earn more “likes” which embody life values of modern younger generation. Sharing captured moments among their peers is a sort of visual proof of their own existence… When you’re only 15, you’ve managed to achieve so little in your life; your body’s your only possession & main achievement you can boast of…

There’s a very fine line between an innocent picture taken, say, in the gym, as opposed to the materials that can lead to legal proceedings & conditional sentences. Feel this delicate balance yourself! In the first case, one can come across sweat, tight shorts & open lips, but no one is aroused intentionally. In the second case, lingerie & bare body parts are, surely, inevitable, but the aim behind the scene is totally different… In this occasion, famous slogan “Seek & Destroy!” can be paraphrased as “Seek & Excite!” (mainly, for money)… Let’s have a closer look at the deplorable case described by The Guardian. We’d like to emphasize that the teens haven’t even distributed their so-called “porno content” in the Web. Mere saving these materials on their smartphones sufficed; the court rendered verdict “Guilty!”

We hope it’s mainly parents who are reading us now; thus, here comes a small quiz. Are you aware of the type of stuff stored at the devices of your kids? We are almost sure we’ll get a negative answer… But in modern tech-advanced world, there’s no need to breathe down your teens’ neck trying to decipher suspicious info on their phones’ screens. Now, responsible parents can escape meeting the twinges of conscience every single moment. In case of troubled teenagers, there’s no need to risk worsening the already strained relations even more! There’s one answer to all questions!

We know about advanced, secure, comfortable & user-friendly way to protect your kid’s life. The mobile application titled mSpy will take care of your child no matter how far apart you are. Thorough protection is easily realized due to the hidden nature of this tracking application. The remote control panel allows viewing captured data any time & place you want. It’s important to underline that mSpy takes care of different mobile security aspects like personal data including multimedia saved on the phone, geo-locations & routes of the target phone and communication on the notorious social sites, etc. You can read your kid’s Line and other IMs.

It goes without saying that no popular instant messengers (with their lamentable sexting boom) can sneak under mSpy’s “tracking radar”! It especially concerns Instagram where one can come across the pictures of “sappy” nature quite frequently!

Bottom line runs that mSpy manages to provide perfect mobile security for your most precious relations! Do think about it in advance, until it’s time to strike a plea deal to avoid potentially going to jail!

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