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mSpy Online Video ad – Your kids are never alone

Unicef on kids' online safety

This online ad sheds more light on how dangerous the Internet is to kids. It shows a young teenage girl sleeping and her mom comes in to adjust her covers. Her mom leaves the room and closes the door. The teenager’s tablet beeps, she wakes up and gets her tablet and the rest is history! This online video reminds parents that their kids are never alone online.

Online predators hide behind the anonymity of the Internet to engage in their crimes. On the Internet real identification is very difficult to authenticate. Hence a 40-year-old man can pretend to be a 16-year-old boy. These online predators befriend kids, gain their trust and confidence in the view of causing harm physically, emotionally or sexually.

In the video ad you get to see vividly the dangers the Internet poses to kids:

  • Easy access to drugs online without proper monitoring systems to check if the buyer is underage or not.
  • Adult content literature without accurate censorship.

This video was made not to scare parents but to educate them. Bullying is on the rise amongst kids and a huge part of it is done online. Statistically cyberbullying is the number one cause of child depression, anxiety and also thoughts of suicide among kids.

After watching the video, parents and guardians will get to know the importance of having to use the mSpy parental control app on their kids’ devices. In this era, kids live their lives online amongst all sort of people – pedophiles, online predators, sex offenders and traffickers.

What you tend to benefit from mSpy is the number of features it provides. It has over 25 features all in one package. It works on smartphones (Android OS and iOS) and computers.  For instance, to know the websites your kids visit each time they go online to be sure that they are not influenced negatively, you can use the Browser History feature. It gives you detailed addresses of all website visits and enables you to even block inappropriate ones.

You can check the various social media chats app to see if your kid is being groomed by an online predator or is being cyberbullied or even sexting which can lead your kid to be prosecuted for the dissemination of child pornography. And that is a huge crime with a jail sentence in a juvenile facility and his/her name placed on the sex offenders list.

The GPS/Geofencing features take away your worries by providing the location details of your kid at all times and even get alerted when your kid leaves school or is at the park.

mSpy parental control app is hoping that this online video ad enlightens you to make better decisions for your family in terms of online and offline security.

mSpy – Know. Prevent. Protect.

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