Open Letter to Our Company from Our Client, Received Electronically

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My story is very personal, but I wanted to share it with the general public so that anyone who is in my situation can access the information they need. It may seem boring to some, but to any parent who has been in the situation I found myself in this information could very well be the difference between life and death. I guess I should start by explaining who I am and what my problem is!  My name is Dean J. If you find what I have to say useful and if it can help other people who got into the similar situation, I permit you to use my name in retelling this story. I teach Classical Literature at a two-year community college in Cleveland. I’m a typical father who is worried about the well-being of his only son. I love Jerry very much, but it can often seem like he doesn’t care about my efforts in return. I have always tried to do my best as a father, but it seems that somewhere along the road I failed. I have always tried to understand Jerry and his problems, but I guess I missed the most crucial point. I can’t say that I’m a bad father as such, but rather that at times I have not been very attentive or sensitive to his feelings and needs. If you are a parent yourself, then you will understand how painful it is to see your child doing something wrong despite the advice you have tried to give them, especially when you can see them sinking deeper and deeper.

My son’s troubles will be familiar to many. I first began suspecting that my son was taking some kind of drugs some time ago. He changed a great deal; he was not the son that I once knew so well. It all started with him becoming more distant, then his grades suddenly worsened, he got into trouble at school and started lying to us. First it was only minor things, then far greater ones. At the lowest point he was even stealing money although I only discovered this much later. I know now that he was searching for an escape from his feelings and all of the hardships and woes he perceived. I don’t know if he couldn’t find any other way or if he just chose to pretend not to see it.

However, I am getting ahead of myself as I haven’t explained how I discovered the root of Jerry’s problems. One of my colleagues from the college who teaches computer sciences gave me a hint regarding how I could discover the cause of Jerry’s behavior. He’s younger than me, belonging to the internet-savvy generation that seems to surf the web day and night. I personally am far from being such a nerd in IT – at times I am pretty clueless. He told me that he had heard about specialized mobile software developed to collect data from mobile devices and expose the truth in tricky situations, especially in private life: kids, employees etc. Surely, this was exactly the situation I was in!

I felt relieved at the prospect of a solution, but took extra care to double-check the credentials by visiting review sites. Following my research, mSpy seemed like a decent, respectable company to me. I went ahead and bought the basic subscription since I thought that would be enough to begin with and I was right. My fears were confirmed just mere days after the installation of this application onto Jerry’s iPhone. Jerry had visited his best friend’s party on the weekend and, as it turned out, he had used some illegal substance there. His SMS and calls made that very clear.

When he returned home at dawn I was waiting for him. We had a VERY DIFFICULT conversation, actually, it was more of a fight to begin with and it was the most difficult morning of my life. We ended up grappling with pretty much everything – our views on life, our past relationship, our future expectations, and we differed on everything. I seemed at times like we were groping in the dark for a way out like blind mice in the maze, but in the end, thank God, we managed to discover what seemed like the only thing we still had in common – we both loved each other.  That was the starting point we used to reestablish mutual trust. Slowly (VERY SLOWLY INDEED!) but gradually, we started mending our broken family ties. There’s still a long way ahead of us, but I do believe that everything will be OK and I have mSpy to thank.

Best regards,

Dean J.,

an extremely grateful father of a wayward 14-year-old son

P.S. We have lots of other exciting stories from our customers to tell.

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