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How do online suicide games threaten kids’ lives

How do online suicide games threaten kids’ lives?

130 suicides worldwide, 19 stabs to a belly, severe burns, poisoning – these are outcomes of present-day online games freely circulating throughout the web. It looks like the Internet declared the war to families since it hosts uncontrollably challenges that encourage children to hurt or kill themselves. Let’s find out what their exact mission is, […]

Digital Detox Over summer holidays | Parental guide

Digital Detox Over summer holidays | Parental guide

For many families, digital devices are a normal part of day-to-day life. But when kids spend all their time checking social media accounts, emails or texts instead of interacting with their peers it is a high time to ring the alarm bells. Face-to-face interaction is essential for a kid`s emotional intelligence and social skills. Besides, […]

Don’t take candy from strangers

Kidnapping In United States: Problems And Solutions

Don’t take candy from strangers. The first kidnapping case in the United States occurred in 1874 when the two little boys disappeared from their family’s mansion. The brothers followed the strangers, who offered them candies and fireworks. While one of the boys were sent to purchase fireworks, the kidnappers left with another brother, Charley Roos, […]

Parental Rights in Alabama: What Do You Need to Know

Alabama Law: Parental Rights and Responsibilities

Jump menu 1 Establishing Paternity in Alabama 2 Benefits of Establishing Paternity 3 Grounds for Termination Of Parental Rights 4 Alabama Divorce Cases: Parental Rights 5 Joint Custody and Child Support 6 Delegation of Parental Rights in Alabama 7 Alabama Abortion Law Governing Minors Parental rights and responsibilities are the grey area for some people. […]