21 Century Kids: who are they?

Parental control app helps parents deal with tech and social media addicted kids

21-century kids are different: they are more open to the world. They strive for multicultural communication, diversity, and no-borders opportunities. Their values are not restricted because of the access to any kind of information. No doubt, IT leap brought about lots of benefits to this generation.

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Questions Parents Should Ask About Kids’ Online Safety

Parental controls help ensure kids' online safety

The access to any kind of information is not a problem today. Amid all these info flaws the thing is to ask right questions, especially if it comes down to children’s safety online. So below are the questions parents should raise about kids’ online security and obviously effective parental controls.

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Child Rights Opinion Leaders Talk About Kids’ Online Safety And Parental Controls

Opinion leaders about kids' online safety and parental controls

Opinion leaders in the Child Protection field are concerned about risks coming with the Internet use. Their focus points are expanded: from now on, they care not just about children’s poverty, illiteracy, violence but also about online safety.

In this context, their main mission is to find touch points between policies, parents, and IT companies.

Let’s see what the most powerful organizations in the world think about kids’ online safety and what they call the Universal Community for.

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