Parental Control for Online Mayhem

Everyone passed the troubled waters of green years: uncontrollable hormonal boom, numerous physical temptations, little or no knowledge of life and spiritual values, accompanied by total absence or lack of parental control. Modern society cannot offer as much guidance in the process of growing up as before, when elders of relatively small communities shared their accumulated wisdom and experience with new generation. Nowadays, this succession chain is broken; global village, in spite of its misleading “diminishing” title, is mind-bogglingly huge; people are separated by various tangible or imaginary fences and cannot transmit “how-to-grow” knowledge in required volumes. A scrap of advice here, a bit of knowledge there… Life is definitely difficult for young people out there, in any times. In addition to the “old-fashioned”, familiar dangers of pre-IT-boom world, they are exposed to invisible, yet even more serious dangers of post-informational era. 

The most updated, dramatically tinged statistics on versatile dangers for our children embraces cyber bullying, teen drinking, identity theft, teen pregnancy, texting while driving, kidnapping, to name but a few. Both online and offline worlds have a lot of unknown and dangerous in store for them. Here are some bits of deplorable statistics from a specially undertaken research:

  •  50%<of sexual offenders disguise identity & prefer girls to boys by a wide margin;
  • 56.7 % of high school girls know about sexting, compared with 46.9 % of boys;
  • 75% of private school students know about sexting, compared with 50 % of public school ones;
  •  50% of teens talk to online or met strangers in person with the following sexual assault.

Another large-range reputable research reveals “monsters hiding in online bushes”:

  1. Negative focus of online access: simulated violence (43% of teens), sexual topics (36%), nude content or pornography (32%);
  2. Parental control avoidance: over 70% of teens in 2012, compared to 45% of teens in 2010;
  3. Troubles with studies: 16% of teens look for test answers on the phone, 48.1% of teens look up answers online;
  4. Troubles with society due to social network account: arguing with friends (35.4%), getting into trouble at home or school (25.2%), ending friendships (20%), fearing for their safety (6.8%), and physical fights (4.5%).

What is the solution to curbing dangerous online activity?

Kids are our future, everyone agrees with that statement. In order to secure our future, we are to provide adequate conditions for our kids growing in a stable, comfortable, risk-free zone of parental care and loving control. In the same way as we provide WiFi zones for free access, we have to supply guaranteed protection from digital threats. Smartphones, tablets and notebooks created an altogether new reality we have to cope with. Statistical research states that responsible parents undertake:

  •  setting parental controls (49%),
  • obtaining email and social network passwords (44%),
  •  taking away computer and mobile devices (27%),
  •  using location-based devices to keep track of teens (10%),
  •   alas, doing nothing & hoping for best (23%).

Here comes the natural question of how to accomplish this gargantuan task. One cannot physically follow kids day and night, without rest or 5-o’clock-tea break, lurking in the background of the overall picture with camera, microphone and notepad. What is the reasonable way out? Why not make these devices, all “crammed” in the tiny case of your kid’s smartphone, work for you? More so, you can play a mafia boss from an old film noir, viewing all the “incriminating” data collected while sipping your coffee or cognac and smoking a cigar in the comfortable quietness of your study.

detectives-privadosBrainchild of recent times, mobile phone tracking follows steps of its great predecessor, actual physical espionage on enemies, rivals, criminals, mavericks and rebels of all sorts. Great detectives of the past, like Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, Sherlock Holmes, Arsene Lupin and Commissaire Jules Maigret, would have become sick with envy if they had had some modern gadgets developed for military, police or special task forces. But we are ordinary people, though with unprecedented, unheard-of-before technical opportunities. So, we can make a humble cell phone our best ally in snooping around all the troubles with our kids.

What is the best one-for-all solution for mobile parental control?

Cell phone monitoring software is the best method to prevent or crush in the bud any unwanted situation in due time. It offers a wide range of features for passively monitoring phone activity (calls, SMS, photos & videos, events), or undertaking active measures like filtering and blocking Internet activities (email, websites, applications), as well as data protection. Plus, it helps parents know the exact location of their kids at every particular moment. 

It’s cheaper than detective’s wages, and more effective in privacy matters. Everything is under your sole strict control. Thus, such an app is the very solution you need.


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