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Parental Control Tool That Will Help You Know If Your Kid Is In Danger!

Parental Control Tool That Will Help You Know If Your Kid Is In Danger!

Good news — you’re one step away from protecting your child from any danger they may come across on the internet. mSpy is a state-of-the-art software that’s designed to monitor any and all activity on your child’s connected device. We are well-known as the most popular and user-friendly tracking app for internet safety. Over two million parents rely on our software to help keep their child protected online. iPhone? Check. Android? We’ve got you covered. Tablet? Yep. Laptop? That too. Watch this short video to know more: And don’t worry — our monitoring coverage is JUST as comprehensive as our device compatibility. We know how fast the internet moves, and how savvy your kids are. That’s why we’ve enabled our software to cover EVERY corner of internet safety.

Simply install mSpy on any device your child uses, and let us do the rest.

The app runs invisibly in the background, so you get a complete and accurate picture of your child’s online activities. Once you’ve downloaded the app to your preferred device, use your account to create a fully customized Control Panel, allowing you to choose tracking preferences and set specific controls on your child’s device. The Control Panel manages all aspects of your monitoring activity and delivers a customized report based on the data you track. Here is how it will look like: Your report provides data on your choice of any of the following domains:

  • Call History & Restricted Numbers
    • Receive a complete chronological log of all incoming and outgoing calls, including time and duration of call; number of calls made; phone number; contact name (if saved in address book).
    • Use your Control Panel to block incoming calls from any unwanted phone numbers to the monitored device.
  • Texts, Emails, and Social Media Messages
    • Read ingoing and outgoing text and email message content.
    • Access phone numbers and/or email addresses of message senders and recipients.
    • Monitor activity and messaging on a HUGE list of social media platforms: Facebook, Tinder, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, Line, Telegram, and Hangouts.
  • GPS Location Services
    • Locate your child’s current whereabouts instantly.
    • Track route history over time.
    • Set and monitor geofences — specific locational boundaries that are allowed or forbidden.
    • Receive alerts when geofences are crossed.
  • Comprehensive Internet Usage
    • Access to date- and time-stamps for ALL websites visited from the device.
    • See a complete list of bookmarked and frequently-visited sites.
    • Block unwanted websites from your Control Panel.
    • Pinpoint locations of specific WiFi access points.
    • Receive alerts when chosen keywords are searched for from the device.
  • Full Application List & Blocking Ability
    • Monitor existing apps installed on the device.
    • Receive alerts when new apps are downloaded.
    • Block unwanted apps from being downloaded.
  • Contacts/Address Book & Calendar
  • Complete Log of Keystrokes
  • All Multimedia Files — Pictures & Videos

At mSpy, we take your child’s safety as seriously as you do. We make it easy to keep track of what your child is doing online so you can maintain their safety and their trust.  

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