Parental Monitoring: Are your Children being Addicted to Online Games?

In this breathless world, most of the parents are extremely busy. So, even if it is discouraged by the psychologists, and most parents as well, still they find it a better option to keep their children busy and in front of their eyes with gadgets, especially the smart ones. Children also insist for such sources of entertainment. Studies and recent incidents show that, being socially secluded, or being engaged in online communities more than the real ones create immense psychological imbalance in children. So this is something to worry about!

The Palate for Violencetumblr_lh058vA1TQ1qzhfhuo1_500

Violence is the “hot cake” for media; everything violent sells out the stuff in gigantic numbers. This unhealthy attention has entered into entertainment resources long ago. The ghost of violence and its presence is not at all invisible, in fact it is too evident and obvious these days, from news stories, to latest online games that everyone seems to be celebrating it! Since most of the online games are based on shoot-and-kill theme, whether it is cartoony pigs or undead zombies, all children from various ages learn is how to kill or smash something, as much brutally as possible. When the games are played online, there goes a competition among known and stranger player to beat someone’s level of violence. This developing palate for digital violence obviously reflects in real life, and that is the scary part!

The Way to Stop

Smart gadget like iPhone, Android devices and others should be used to increase the overall intellectual development of children. There will always be greedy vendors of violence and all the other objectionable materials. Any parents would like their children not to be glued with those games. The unfortunate part is, these personal devices make the children isolated and allow them to play such games right under the noses of their parents, without really letting them know. There is one easy and effective way for the parents to know if any such addiction is building within their child, and that is monitoring through phone spy software, like mSpy. Phone tracking software mSpy allows parents, without the knowledge of their children, to know what they are doing with their smart devices, including internet history and gaming data.

The Further Ado

Parents can encourage the children to play other interesting games that involve intellectual practice. Teachers at school can also include such games in lessons to encourage real life gaming community with classmates, not unknown people. Locking themselves within those screens of the devices have kept children these days away from the reality. No matter how busy life is, parents should take some time out to mingle with their children and others practically, so that they could know how nice it is to share ideas through real conversations. If that healthy social and communal connection is built with the help of family at first, the online social networking and other activities would also be healthy. It is a crucial issue, since the cases of mass shooting due to distorted and frustrated mental conditions are at the rise, in an alarming level!

Thus, today it may be said without exaggeration that parental controls are of key importance.

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