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Generation Z kids are kids born in the mid-90s to present. They were born into an era when the Internet is everything, smartphones are everywhere and lives are lived through apps. Some people refer to them as ‘The Silent Generation’, ‘The iGeneration’, ‘The Google Generation’ etc.

You might have wondered why your kids are always on their smartphones. What exactly is wrong with them that they just cannot put their devices down for a moment? They virtually live on their gadgets. You cannot change that about them because that is who they are. You will get some online parenting tips in this article to ease your worries.

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Characteristics of Generation Z Kids

If you are a parent of a teenager, you might be in the Generation Y era. The Generation Y members were born between 1977- 1994. They were raised differently. Had limited access to the Internet or even a smartphone. They went to the library for information. Most likely grew up with just Facebook as social media account, cable TV channels and everything was done mostly face to face.

The Generation Z kid is into social media but does not use Facebook much. They prefer to use Snapchat and Whisper. Privacy is a key thing for them. These kids can multi-task. They may be talking to you while posting a picture on Instagram, doing their research assignment and texting a friend at the same time. They are tech savvy. Information is at their figure tips and time is of an essence to them. If they ask you a question and you delay in answering them in a timely manner, they Google it. That is why some call them The Google generation. Their attention time is 8 seconds. They are diverse, embrace everything because of information being readily available, shaping their thinking and character.

In general, the Gen Z is very adept when it comes to web-search. They often self-educate themselves from Pinterest and YouTube. From baking cakes to upgrading a computer operating system without hustle.

Enforcing Online Rules

The Internet is a great resource for kids. But it comes with its huge dangers. Parent have some ‘dos’ and ‘donts’ in the physical world (street) like:

  • Don’t talk to or accept anything from strangers,
  • Don’t tell anyone personal information about yourself,
  • Come straight home from school,
  • Don’t start fights,
  • We need to meet your friends etc.

These need to be enforced in the digital world too. There are about 750,000 child predators online every day. Taking advantage of kids by pretending to be their friends. Kids may think they have all the knowledge when it comes to the Internet but they do not have the wisdom on how to keep themselves safe.

Negative Effects of the Internet

Cyberbullying is on the rise and only 10% of kids tell an adult about it. According to statistics, it’s the number 1 cause of child depression and anxiety.

Currently, online adult contents just pop up ‘accidentally’ when searching the Internet for common information and these kids are being exposed to them. This in the long term affects them negatively – in the way they behave sexually.

With the above dangers, it is imperative parents protect their Gen Z kids. Parents need to talk with their kids about the dangers of the Internet and being responsible with how they use it.

Kids need to be taught not to include private information such as phone number and address or school name in chat rooms or online friends. They should never accept files or send them to people that you don’t know.

Parents should know who their children’s friends are within these environments.

Using the mSpy parental control app

mSpy parental control app is a perfect app for you to help you monitor your kid’s online activities.

You will be able to see each website your kid visits and bookmarks with the browser history feature. This helps you know their online activities. It also monitors most social media messaging apps the Gen Z kid uses hence you could detect and prevent your kid from being cyberbullied or possibly if there is any sexting going on. The keylogger feature keeps all keystrokes typed on the keyboard. With this, you can get deleted outgoing messages from your kid’s phone. The mSpy is a complete package for today’s parent. You can check our features page for details.

Better parenting means making wise decisions. Use mSpy parental control app to know, prevent and protect your kid’s online life.

mSpy – Know, Prevent, Protect.

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Jason J. Grant is an aspiring youngster from the low urban strata who managed to become a self-educated profi and a successful family man at that. He writes online articles on different topics and gives free technical consultations to the needed; married, with 2 children.

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