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is kik safe

Is Kik Secure? The Answer Might Surprise You

Don’t talk to strangers. That’s one of the first things we’re all taught the second we’re old enough to speak — if not sooner. Great advice for the real world, right? So why do teens completely ignore it in the virtual world? That’s one of the big draws of Kik, a smartphone messaging app used […]

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how to set parental controls on Netflix

Setting Up Netflix Parental Controls: A Guide for Safe Streaming

Netflix is the biggest online platform that streams unlimited high-quality TV-shows, cartoons, and movies on a subscription basis. Kids in the U.S. enjoy Netflix as they can watch their favorite movies day and night. They were particularly engaged when Netflix Just for Kids was released in 2012, as children could instantly access a wide selection […]

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how to put parental controls on ipad

Go Beyond Basic Parental Controls for iPad With the Must-Have App

There’s a running joke that Apple makes the best babysitters. We’re talking, of course, about iPad — a device that so many kids are handed the second they learn how to tap a screen. For better or worse, kids do everything on what’s considered the world’s best tablet. That’s why iPad monitoring software for parents […]

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dating apps for teens

Dating Apps for Teens That All Parents Should Watch Out For

Being a parent is scary enough. But seriously, now you have to worry about dating apps for kids? Yup, it’s a thing. Teen dating apps are making it easy to make connections and find others with similar interests. And while some of these apps are built purely to foster platonic relationships, teens are using them […]

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