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Parents beware: The Impact of Internet Pornography on Children

Parents beware: The Impact of Internet Pornography on Children

The moment when you catch your child red-handed watching pornography online can be disappointing, alarming and even scary. In the confusion of the moment, parents need to understand that in the cyber world kids grow up very fast. In fact, an average age of the first exposure to adult videos is 8 years old.

With the unlimited access to the Internet, kids may find everything they want there. Inappropriate pop-ups, photographs, videos or movies are widely spread over the Internet. Thus, accidentally or intentionally they may stare at uncensored materials, sexually explicit videos, potentially harmful and vicious for the youth.

Internet Pornography Statistics among Teens

  • 93 % of boys and 62 % of girls encounter online pornography at young age (before they turn 18 years old);
  • 25% of teens came across the online pornography when they weren’t even looking for it;
  • 70 % of teens spend more than 30 minutes watching online pornography;
  • 30 % of teens have seen sexual violence online;
  • 25 % of teens have seen child pornography online;

Undesirable Effects of Internet Pornography on Teens

Nowadays, the Internet has a profound influence on the kid`s well-being and their development. Here is the list of 5 reasons why the pornography is more dangerous for kids than adults.

Early exposure

Nowadays, an average age of first exposure to online pornography is 8 years old.

At this age, a child doesn`t hit puberty yet. That`s why their brain is not ready to process the information they will get watching adult films.

Health problems

The research has proven that watching adult films can lead to depression, anxiety, stresses and social isolation. Besides, constant watching of adult films shrinks the grey matter.

Brain development

Prefrontal cortex (PFC) is a part that is implicated in decision making, personal expression and moderating a social behavior. It isn`t fully formed until the age of 25. The reason why teens and preteens can`t differentiate what is good or bad on the Net is simple. The part of their brain, which is responsible for it, is currently not fully developed.

Dopamine sensitivity

Dopamine is a chemical in the brain. When a person eats a tasty food or their favorite team wins a big game their brain releases the dopamine. During juvenility, the brain is 2-4 times more sensitive to dopamine. That`s why, when something is that exciting kids can`t stop doing it.

Distorted image of normal relations

An early exposure to the Internet pornography may have a profound impact on the kid`s future. It can modify their morals and values and their attitude towards relationships and further family life. Unfortunately, the distorted picture of relationships doesn`t always reflect the model of behavior parents want to follow.

What can parents do to protect their kids

What can parents do to protect their kids?

#1 Have a conversation with your child

Have a serious age-appropriate conversation with your child. Explain that the screen picture, shown in adult films is not a model of healthy relations between men and women.

#2 Critical thinking

In modern world, having a conversation is not enough. You need to educate your child how to develop critical thinking. Teach your child to make sense of information, compare it, analyze and make conclusion what is good or bad.

#3 Forget about shaming

Don’t shame your kids of watching adult videos. But it doesn`t mean acting like that is not a big deal and take it as it comes. In no way condemn them or judge their actions.

#4 Limit screen time

As a parent you need to be a good example for your kids. That`s why limiting a screen time should not be just for your child, but for the entire family.

#5 Monitor their devices

Use the mSpy parental control to monitor your kid`s devices and their Internet usage. Explain them that you do it for the safety reasons and protection, not to spy on them or intervene into their privacy.

With mSpy you can view your kids` browsing history, check their bookmarks and sites they visit, and restrict unwanted ones.

As we already mentioned, nowadays the Internet has a profound influence on modern kids. For parents it is important to keep their eyes wide open, discuss the Internet usage and the consequences it may lead to. Having open communication and using the mSpy parental control app, you can protect your kids from the negative consequences of the Internet exposure.

mSpy – Know. Prevent. Protect.

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