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Parents beware: Slenderman destroys teen`s fragile

Slenderman: The problem and solution for parents

Not long ago, all the world was horrified by the story of 12-year-old girls who trapped their friend into the local wood, playing a hide and seek, and attempted to murder her. Their purpose was to impress a Slenderman, fictional monster they read about on the Internet. Believing in his existence, they wanted to sacrifice their friend and pay a tribute to the monster, demonstrating their loyalty and obedience.

Who the Slenderman is?

Slenderman is a scary thin faceless mythological villain, a character of online hide and seek game, widely popular on the Net. In particular, he targets kids, stalking and psychologically traumatizing them. The presence of Slenderman is so menacing that in most cases it induces paranoia and coughing.

Bitter consequences of the Slenderman obsession

The Slenderman obsession turned into a real disaster with dark and tragic consequences. Playing in a hide and seek game, two girls lured their friend into the wood and stabbed her 19 times and left for dead there. Luckily, the stab wounds just narrowly missed an artery and their victim managed to survive.

Later on, both defendants were arrested and told the police that they did it to avoid the wrath of Slenderman. Both girls believed the he could harm them and their families if they didn`t kill their friend.

This awful story once again proves that parents and kids need to have a frequent talk on online safety and things they may encounter online. Besides, parents should have a clue about their kids friends` and interests.

How to protect kids from Slenderman?

Reading this article, we do hope, every parent will have a conversation with their child about this horrible incident. The duty of every parent is to protect their kids on the stormy area of the Internet and not to allow this frightening event to repeat.

That`s why you need to help your kids to make wise decisions, analyze every message they receive and and have a critical thinking. Here are some tips which will help you:

1.Get to know their friends

People around your kids may influence their behavior, interests and values. As a parent, it is important to know with whom your kids hang out at school or in their spare time. Encourage your kids to invite their friends to your house, so you can be sure they are not involved in bad company or communicate with wrong people.

2.Know your kid`s preferences

Keep the line of communication open with your child. It will help to find out what preferences and interests your child has. You kids need to feel comfortable and don`t have any taboo topics to discuss with you. Besides, parents need to be sure that their kids understand where to draw a line between the reality and fiction.

3.Monitor your kid`s online activity

Use parental monitoring app like mSpy to supervise your kid`s online activity. With mSpy you can:

  • filter your kid`s Internet activity (view the bookmarks, browsing history and block unwanted websites;
  • read their instant messengers (Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp);
  • track their GPS location;
  • set safe and dangerous areas with geo-fencing;
  • view their installed apps and block them;
  • read their texts and emails;
  • monitor their call logs and contact list;
  • and much more;

The Internet is full of dangers and the Slenderman is the only one of them. That’s why it is crucial not only have an open talk with your child, but to monitor their devices as well. Using the mSpy parental monitoring app you can always have a peace of mind and check what your child is up to on the Net.

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