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Parents Decide To Test If Their Children Will Meet With The Stranger From The Internet. Results Will Shock You!

Social media personality Coby Persin recently worked with the parents of three teenage girls for a ground-breaking experiment about teenage online behavior. He wanted to prove to these teens that you can’t trust ANYONE you meet online. And as for the parents? Well, his message to them was just as clear: Your teenager is in a LOT more danger than you ever thought possible. Watch what they find out about their teens below: Did you catch the statistic at the end of that video? There are over 750,000 registered sex offenders in the United States. That’s nearly ONE MILLION pedophiles lurking on the other side of your child’s screen — and that’s only those who are registered! And these pedophiles aren’t scared or shy — they know exactly how to use the internet to get what they want. A whopping seventy percent of teens report that they regularly receive requests to chat with strangers. And nearly one million of these teens say that strangers have asked them to meet up somewhere. I know what you’re thinking…

Wow. Those numbers are pretty high. But my kid is smarter than that. They would never chat with someone they don’t know. Plus, I check their social media and I know nothing like that is going on.

Let’s go back to that video for a minute. Do you know what part stood out the most? The parents’ blind faith that their teen was somehow protected from all of this… “I don’t think she’s going to open the door.” “No way. I don’t even think it’s her…it might be one of her friends setting her up.” “We’ve watched movies together, we’ve looked at newspaper articles together about this! All these things that are real-life situations…we’ve discussed them! Sounds a lot like your reasoning, doesn’t it? The fact is, no parent thinks their teen will ever do something as dangerous as chat or meet-up with a stranger. But it happens every day — and most teens aren’t lucky enough to have their parents jump out and stop the experiment. That’s why we created mSpy. mSpy is a state-of-the-art monitoring software used by over two million parents who want to protect their children from online dangers. Once the software is installed, it runs secretly in the background of the device and collects all of the information you need to keep your child safe from online predators. Our software:

  • Keeps a log of web history
  • Blocks inappropriate websites
  • Tracks incoming and outgoing text messages/emails
  • Monitors social media messages from a huge variety of platforms, including iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Tinder
  • Records keystrokes
  • Allows access to contacts and address book
  • Provides up-to-the-minute GPS location

Kids are extremely tech-savvy these days. Even the most involved parents can’t possibly keep track of everything their child does online — almost 90% of teens admit to actively hiding or covering up their online activity from their parents. With mSpy, you don’t have to worry about missing a message, forgetting to check an account, or wondering if your teen has something hidden. mSpy can record every keystroke, so you’re fully up-to-speed with their contacts and their conversations.

If they’re talking to a stranger, you’ll be the first to know — and you can prevent tragedy before it happens.

And if your child does decide to leave the house, you can rest assured that you know exactly where they are. Best of all? Everything that mSpy tracks is delivered to your device in an easy-to-read report, giving you the most critical information you need to keep your child safe. Stay one step ahead of your child — it might be the only thing that saves them from a fatal mistake.

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