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What parents need to know about YouTube pranks?

What parents need to know about YouTube pranks?

The big question for all the parents worldwide: how can I make YouTube safe for my kids? Well, this is the question which requires the complex approach.

In this article, we’re going to cover the following subjects:

  • What prank videos are
  • Why following YouTube celebs is dangerous
  • How to prevent kids from being engaged in dangerous prank films

Parental controls are inevitable when prank videos spread dangerous activities

9 in 10 teens prefer YouTube to other social networking sites, according to the National Cyber Security Alliance’s Survey 2016. 91 % of 13-17 years-old teens watch any of 4 billion videos shared by Youtube. More likely, your kid uses the video-sharing site and your responsibility is to handle it correctly.

In the name of being viral (sorry for this pathos) on YouTube, people create the most extraordinary videos, very often dangerous and provocative. So are the prank videos. Prank videos mean shooting tricks that are intended to be funny but not to cause harm or damage. Also, YouTube prank videos mean saying provocative things and laughing at somebody. Pranks must be interesting, attractive, shocking, which often makes them nasty. In a nutshell, to please the human imagination and get likes, people are ready for everything.

A lot of celebs spread the idea of pranking friends, parents, colleagues. Thus, Nina Dobrev from the Vampire Diaries TV Show is a huge prankster who laughs at people she’s filming with. For lots of teens, she is a role model. So it’s obvious that teens get used to play tricks with each other. But here’s the thing: laughter, tricks are very close to playing a low-down trick and even mockery. And then bullying comes. Since almost all the kids literally dwell on the Internet, there’s no big surprise that bullying proceeds to cyber bullying.

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YouTube pranks might be destructive as the Blue Whale Challenge if they promote dangerous actions, especially when it comes down to following YouTube celebs.

Parental controls can identify YouTube celebs your kid’s following

Jake Paul, Disney TV star, has more than 8.5 million followers on YouTube and Instagram. His neighbors hate him for constant parties and crazy pranks. He shared via YouTube stunts such as throwing a Harley Davidson motorbike in his pool and setting fire to furniture in the back garden. Also, Jake broke up with his girlfriend and she accused him of emotionally abusing. Later they shot a few series on YouTube where they slagged each other off. Such a good role model, isn’t it? However, millions of teens admire this boy and consider his behavior great. Without parents’ intervention, kids are doomed to follow people who seem good for imitating but whose behavior is completely anti-social.

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Pedro Ruiz died after being shot by his girlfriend in the chest when both were filming a new prank video.

They were trying to check out if a 50-caliber Desert Eagle handgun bullet could penetrate a heavy book he was carrying to his chest. Before doing this, Ms Perez, Ruiz’ girlfriend, tweeted: “Me and Pedro are probably going to shoot one of the most dangerous videos ever. HIS idea not MINE”. Also, she said to a relative that they wanted to get famous.

This is how most people who shoot prank videos think. Their strive for being famous prevails the cold mind. Unfortunately, these examples serve as models for YouTube prank beginners.

If you notice that your kid loves extreme sports, does regularly dangerous tricks, and admire people shooting their stunts for YouTube, and you start asking yourself “How can I make YouTube safe for my kids”, it’s time to ring alarm bells.

 What should parents do?

Parents may filter out adult content by setting YouTube safety mode. They can find a safety mode on YouTube and do not let unallowable content show up. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log in to YouTube
  2. Scroll down to the end of the page and find the “Restricted mode” option
  3. Turn it on and save.

However, if your kid is tech-savvy, it’s quite possible to fool the system. Lots of sites teach how to do it. So what can parents do?

  1. Be observing and find out if your kid is obsessed with YouTube pranks and people promoting them. First, you need to set a diagnosis to know how to handle your kid’s occupation.
  2. Talk to your kid about fame and desire to film pranks. Explain that laughing often hurts people and it can cause really bad consequences. Explain and cite examples of how dangerous pranks caused injuries and even deaths.
  3. Suggest the best, to your mind, funny channels they can be interested in.
  4. Set up a parental control for Android to manage your kid’s YouTube watching.

How can a parental control app mSpy help practically?

  • Block YouTube
  • Restrict access to the site
  • Put filters on online content, including YouTube

Feel free to find out how to protect your kid from the harmful information coming from YouTube prank videos with the best parental control application for Android.


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