Paths to Financial Success with Mobile Applications

The world is shrinking; one of the reasons for this size change is the shift of computing paradigm from desktop through laptop to palmtop and even further; God knows what size of a conceptual gadget we’ll witness tomorrow. Maybe, nailtop or eyetop?

Nowadays, young and aspiring developers are able to thrive and reap huge benefits, like never before. There are millions of consumers hungry for efficient and useful smartphone applications. Though, the competition from Apple and Google, with over one million offers in their apps markets, is tough enough.


Here are top strategies (as recommended by both gurus and newbies) for winning in today’s hyper competitive applications market:

1.       Getting featured Is not enough
Being featured by Apple or Google App Stores is a huge advantage to startup apps developers. What is more important is the necessity for an app to function hitch-free and be the most cost-effective among similar offers as one cannot count on featuring alone to guarantee success.
2.       Pay attention to retention
Climb to the top and do manage to stay there. One should allocate budget specifically to tuning acquisition and retention before launch, preferably in an English-speaking App Store with cheaper advertising (e.g. in Canada). Then one should iterate until an app’s metrics are solid. Aiming for a 1-day retention of 40%, 7-day retention of 20%, and 30-day retention of 10% is the best variant.
3.       ASO Is the new SEO
ASO, or App Store Optimization, is one of the few ways developers can skyrocket visibility and grab free organic traffic. E.g. it can be done by merely changing the name to perform better under Apple’s search algorithms and get ahead thousands of results. Starting the ASO process is recommended long before writing the first line of code. One should avoid categories with over-saturated keywords and find niches a particular app can confidently dominate.
4.       Don’t fight freemium
The situation is that cash-flush venture-backed startups have the development and marketing budget to push out high quality, freemium products that overshadow paid apps made by single developers. One just has to admit it.
5.       Learn from the masses
There are great opportunities in the highly competitive market to learn from bad apps what not to do and learn from good apps what to do. Scan the background and history of a great rival app for its social dynamics, internal mechanics, or location and map designs, etc.
6.       Look east, young developer
Statistics reveals that 41% of global app revenue in December 2013 came from Asia; China alone will supposedly ship over 450 million smartphones in 2014. In non-English speaking countries, the correlation between app developers and smartphone users isn’t in favor of the former. These new expanding markets of Asia and Africa present brilliant opportunities for apps developers.

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