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PhoneSheriff review 2019: Every Parents’ Must Have App?

PhoneSheriff Overview: Every Parents’ Must Have App

PhoneSheriff is a parental control software, created for all modern parents. PhoneSheriff is designed by Retina-X studios to ensure the online safety of every kid.

All people use the Internet to search for information, pay taxes, purchase goods, control business and do a lot of things, which would be impossible to handle quickly without Internet. Kids are no exception. They surf the web regularly to perform various tasks and chat with friends.

At school, teachers use controls to limit the use of Internet for the kids and prevent frequent distractions. But often, kids’ Internet usage isn’t controlled by parents. In result, children are exposed to inappropriate content, like porn sites, gambling platforms, and other dangerous material.

Parents have to pay more attention to what their kids are doing online. For that purpose, PhoneSheriff was created. PhoneSheriff software offers a variety of features to guarantee full control over kid’s device.

We’ve got all your questions regarding the software covered in this PhoneSheriff review.

How do I sign up for PhoneSheriff online?

PhoneSheriff allows you to watch your kid’s activity. Before subscribing to PhoneSheriff note that you should notify your child that their device would be tracked. Any person whose device you want to monitor has to know their activities will be reviewed. Otherwise, use of PhoneSheriff will be considered illegal.

PhoneSheriff offers two licenses, and each of them allows to track up to three mobile devices. That means you will have to install PhoneSheriff on all these three devices to receive data on users’ activity.

The installation of PhoneSheriff is completed within some steps.

  1. Purchase the package – Choose between 6 months or yearly subscription. Don’t forget to renew when your subscription is expired. As soon as your subscription ends, the PhoneSheriff software will be inoperable.
  2. Complete the payment – You can submit the payment via VISA, American Express, Mastercard and Discover credit cards. It is also possible to pay using PayPal. The Phonesheriff name won’t be displayed on your receipt.
  3. Set up the software – After the system processes your payment, you will receive a letter with further instructions. You will have to install the application on the mobile phone or your kid. You have to get access to the device as a remote installation of spyware is impossible.

What do you need to start using PhoneSheriff immediately?

  • Constant Internet connection – PhoneSheriff is software, which can only work online. In fact, it works when the device is disconnected from the Internet, but you won’t see the activity tracked. The software will scan the device from time to time for new information. But it will be unable to transfer records to your online panel without the Internet connection.
  • Full Battery – The target mobile phone has to be fully charged if you want to use PhoneSheriff uninterruptedly. GPS tracking and logs transferring drains phone battery a lot. You should be prepared that target device may run out of battery if you monitor your kid’s location continuously.
  • Tech-savvy skills – Installation and setup of the PhoneSheriff software require some tech skills. You can’t buy the app in Google Play or App Store, so you will need to complete the installation by yourself. You have to know how to install the software from an unknown source and set up the spying features to start using it as a parental control app.

Which device activities logged?

Before purchasing parental control software, it is necessary to define what activities you want to review. You have to find out what your child uses their device for. Do they perform calls often? Or do they prefer communicating in chats?

Although parental controls allow tracking a wide range of activities, not all of them offer the same subscription packages. Let’s find out what activities. PhoneSheriff allows you to monitor and what not.

  • Text messages – Not many people communicate via SMS now. The majority of users prefer instant messaging systems to stay connected to their friends. Still, SMS are a useful way of communication, which works even without connection to the Internet.

    Does PhoneSherif allow reading someone’s text messages? Yes, the software provides an overview of all sent and received text messages.

  • Phone calls information – You can find out who called your child and when with parental controls. The information on the incoming and outgoing calls can tell how much your kid distracts to answer each phone call and what phone numbers call them often. PhoneSheriff checks call history to present phone calls details for every of their client.

  • Geofencing – Geofencing is a popular location spying method, which triggers a particular action when the device enters a predefined area. Parental controls notify parents when their child enters or leaves the geofence.

    PhoneSheriff does introduce the geofencing feature. It will keep you updated on the location of your kid with notifications.

  • Apps installed – Kids waste an enormous amount of time playing mobile games. You should check what apps are installed on the device of your child to prevent them from distractions.

    PhoneSheriff displays the list of installed applications, so you can conveniently examine what apps your child has on their mobile phone.

  • Messaging apps – With online bullies and predators, modern children are always in danger. Once anyone can reach your kid easily via messaging apps, it is easy to take a stranger for a friend. Messaging apps reveal kid’s messaging history examining accounts of the child on Snapchat, Instagram, and other messaging applications.

    PhoneSheriff allows reading chats on WhatsApp and Snapchat. This feature requires root, so be prepared to obtain physical access to the phone of your child and perform rooting.

Can I block specific activities on the child’s device?

Sooner or later every kid is exposed to adult-oriented sites and explicit content. You can control Internet use of your young children, but when they get older, it becomes impossible to watch what websites they visit.

When it comes to Internet use, it’s not an easy task to safeguard a kid from inappropriate material. But it is possible to prevent the early exposure. With modern tools and programs, parents can limit the use of the internet and ensure their kids doesn’t come across dangerous resources.

PhoneSheriff filters the websites to allow your child to access only safe sites. The software examines the website and scans it for adult-oriented content. If any found, the child won’t be able to visit this website.

The PhoneSheriff software also checks the specific category website belongs to. If the category is kid-friendly, the browser will download the website, and no restrictions will be imposed by PhoneSheriff.

Though, parents have to know that parental control won’t guarantee 100% safe browsing for your child. Your kid may enter URL address from another device, which has no parental control installed. The child may use their friends’ device or find another way to search for inappropriate content. What to do in that case? Is it possible to eliminate any chance of kid’s exposure to adult sites?

Yes, the problem has a solution. Taking some practical steps parents can teach children to recognize and avoid dangerous content on the Internet. Even if there is someone else who may show your kid some inappropriate material, by being aware why some websites are forbidden for them, children can say ‘no’ and refuse to watch adult-oriented content.

Follow these practical steps to reduce the risk of kid’s exposure to dangerous sites.

  • Set kid-friendly Internet zones – Explain to your child that Internet use from public places may not be safe. Try to limit internet use to places at your home where you can watch your child. It can be a living room or kitchen. By dividing your house into kid-friendly Internet zones, you won’t let your child access inappropriate websites when no one is seeing.
  • Schedule Internet curfew – Your kid doesn’t need Internet access during the night. Even if they persuade you that they do, insist on completing all the tasks, which require Internet access, during a day. Choose when it is best to shut off the Wi-Fi and inform all family members about Internet curfew. Disable wireless internet connection every night before going to bed.
  • Promote honest conversation – Foster frequent conversations with your child to talk about Internet content and why are some websites not safe for your kid. Help them find answers to all the questions concerning adult websites. If they ask you where babies come from, take some time to prepare the comprehensive response and tell your child what they want to know. Don’t avoid the sex talk. It’s better you tell them about everything then they go and Google it.

Also, try discussing the problem of early exposure with other parents. Those who had experienced what you are through now, can help with advice and recommend some other tools to assist you in creating a safe online environment for your child.

Can I use PhoneSheriff to track own device?

You can install PhoneSheriff on any mobile phone you want to. Just note that PhoneSheriff has discontinued their services for iOS running devices, so you will be able only to monitor Android phones and tablets.

Monitoring own device can be helpful for many reasons. If you tend to leave your device at your desk or anywhere, you can watch whether someone will make any calls or send any texts from your phone.

Having parental control installed on your own device may also help you find the device in case it’s lost. The PhoneSheriff software will track the location of your mobile phone and transfer it to your Control Panel. Once the location is known, you can go and get your mobile phone back.

If your device was stolen, there is a change PhoneSheriff will help you give it back to you. The software will display the location of the phone unless the thief disables the PhoneSheriff application on the stolen device.

PhoneSheriff can also detect another spyware installed on your phone. Check the applications installed from your Control Panel to make sure nobody is spying on your activities with the help of monitoring tool.

What is your refund policy?

All the PhoneSheriff customers have a right to receive the full refund in case the software happened to be defective. The refunds are not provided for incompatibility issues. If the device model you want to monitor isn’t compatible with the software version, refund won’t be given. Check compatibility before purchase to prevent the situation like this.

If you or your child upgrade the operating system of a target device and new OS version isn’t compatible with the app, the refund also won’t be provided.

Other cases the refund won’t be provided for:

  • Device reset – Device reset removes the PhoneSheriff software from the device. After the reset, you can reinstall the device to continue the work of PhoneSheriff application. If you fail to reinstall the app, the company won’t provide you a refund.
  • Mistaken purchase – PhoneSheriff representatives don’t accept refund request for wrong purchase. The safe payment process is ensured on the website, so users can’t perform purchase by mistake.

    But if you suspect that someone may purchase using your e-mail, contact your bank to receive a proof of a fraudulent charge. If such fraudulent purchase were made, the bank would resolve your issue.

  • Billing cycle renewed – As soon as you license ends, your billing cycle can be renewed. Unfortunately, you can’t request the refund for the new billing cycle. If you don’t want to continue using the software, you should reach the PhoneSheriff representatives to deactivate your account. Once the account is disabled, you won’t have to pay any charges.

The PhoneSheriff application is displayed in the list of apps installed on the device. Although the app icon can be hidden, anyone can find the spyware on the target phone. The software is designed for legitimate use only, so clients shouldn’t conceal the fact of monitoring from the owner of the device. The refunds won’t be provided for the unawareness of the issues described above.

What are time restrictions?

The PhoneSheriff application allows restricting access to the target device for a specific time of the day. The software supports parents’ effort to manage kid’s time and reduce the use of the mobile device.

Time management is always a struggle for kids. Even some adults can’t allocate their free time wisely to keep up with everyday tasks. Not surprisingly, children have procrastination problems. The PhoneSheriff app only won’t help your kid fight the procrastination entirely. How can parents help their children manage their time better?

  • Arrange tasks into checklist – It is easy to get distracted when the child got so much to do. And it’s difficult to understand what tasks have to be done first and what can be delayed. Checklists are one of the powerful tools towards time management. They help to stay updated on the deadlines and important tasks.
  • Arrange a checklist and encourage your kid to add tasks to the list throughout the week. Place it on your fridge so it will always remind your child of upcoming events and projects to do.

  • Create a study zone – Study zone can be either room or a place in any room of your house. Study zone should be the area designated entirely to studying. No mobiles phones, no TVs, and no other distractions. The kid will be able to concentrate on the one task at a time and finish it without turning to check notifications or answer that message.

    Offer your child to create a mood board to hang it in on the wall of the study zone. Some inspirational quotes will help them stay productive and motivate to complete the hardest tasks in time.

  • Understand your child’s needs – When the kid feels anxious about going to school, parents often persuade them everything will be fine. But sometimes your good intentions to make them study don’t make your child feel better. Maybe they need some time to rest?

    Unwillingness to go to school can be a sign of peer pressure. It influences the productivity of your child, but it also keeps them stressed and tired. Encourage your kid to share their worries with you. Develop a solution, which is best for your kid’s mental health. With your help and support your child will overcome anxiety and stress much faster.

  • Schedule meals – Having meals at the same time every day is not only great for your stomach. Set meals can help you, and your kids manage time better.

    If you set meal times, your family members will know when to join the breakfast or dinner. Children won’t be rushing into the kitchen to ask whether the supper is ready. They will learn how to organize their routine and make it in time for the dinner.

    You can also set rules for electronics use, to make sure your child doesn’t waste all their free time playing mobile games. Apps like PhoneSheriff can help you set time restrictions for mobile phone usage.

What are profanity alerts?

Profanity alerts are notifications PhoneSheriff sends when the profane words are typed on the target device. The software detects when the offensive language is used in texts or e-mails. Then profanity alerts will be displayed in your Control Panel.

Dealing with your child swearing can be unpleasant. Although, every child repeats these unknown to them words at some time. You can’t control your kid’s language constantly. But you can try to persuade them to give up such a bad habit. How to make the kid stop cursing?

  • Define the reason – Before developing a plan on how to fight swearing, you should consider the reasons that influence your child’s language. Younger kids tend to repeat a swear word many times to make the parents angry. But when teens swear they often express their anger about something.

    Maybe your kid swears because they want to impress someone. Look at the surroundings of your child and find the reasons for profanity language use.

  • Pay attention to own behavior – Children often pick up words they hear from their parents. You have to analyze own language firstly. Maybe you have overdone it with cursing?

    Video games and the internet itself may also be sources of profanity. If your kid spends much time online, they will likely learn some bad words. Find who or what helps your child discover strong language to handle swearing.

  • Make a ‘swear jar.’ – Swear jar is a smart invention that helps to fight bad language. Anyone who swears in your house will be required to fund the jar with a certain amount of money. This rule should be applied to all family members.

    Show your child that swearing in order to fill the jar and use the money for something fun isn’t what’s going to happen. Use the ‘swear money’ to fix something in your house or pay the bills.

  • Teach your kid to manage anger – There are lots of things that can make your child angry. But swearing doesn’t help to reduce irritation and calm oneself. Teach your child some anger management techniques.

    Counting to ten before answering a rude person, may help your child manage anger in an extreme situation. Encouraging your kid to take part in some relaxing activity may also be helpful. For example, coloring, cooking or gardening can influence a kid’s mental health positively.

    All the advice described above can help your kid stop swearing. Profanity alerts from PhoneSheriff will keep you updated whether your child continues using curse words online.

Where can I review the recorded logs?

PhoneSheriff stores all the activity logs in your private account. You should use same login credentials you used during registration of the account.

Once logged in your account, you will see Control Panel. Scroll down and navigate the Panel to review all the activity types. You can also customize the settings of the mobile application in your Panel.

The recorded logs are stored chronologically, so opening your Panel you will see the newest data found on your kid’s phone. The system will delete the 30 days old logs. Print the logs if you need further examination.

You can delete all the reviewed logs by yourself. Check the boxes of the info you want to remove and select ‘Delete.’ PhoneSheriff doesn’t store users’ deleted information. Remove the logs only if they are reviewed and examined.

What is phone locking?

Phone locking feature from PhoneSheriff blocks the target phone from intrusion in case it’s lost or stolen. PhoneSheriff also triggers siren sound and clears all of the data when someone tries to access the locked device.

Who will find phone locking useful?

  • Parents – Young children often wonder what their parents’ phone contains. Sometimes they can discover adult material or delete some important files. Locking your phone with PhoneSheriff, you can prevent unexpected intrusion and make sure your child doesn’t see what they are not supposed to see yet.
  • Business owners – Anyone who owns or manages the company knows about the risk of sensitive data exposure. You may leave your phone at your desk, and someone may accidentally spot an important message or confidential information. Phone locking feature will restrict employees and colleagues from revealing a trade secret or any other private details you wish to be unknown.
  • Anyone who wants their phones untouched – Your mobile phone may contain important photos and other media you don’t want to share with anyone. Maybe you have a habit of forgetting your phone in public places? Phone locking will be useful for you in that case. Your private data will be secured in case anyone tries to unlock your phone.

Will my service provider be compatible with PhoneSheriff?

AT&T and Verizon providers can restrict PhoneSheriff usage on the device. These cell phone network providers may interfere with the downloading and installing of the third-party software such as PhoneSheriff.

Why do cell carriers block third-party software? A third-party application is software developed not by the original manufacturer of mobile phones, but someone else. For example, a third-party application can be developed by your friend or co-worker. Although it may work, that doesn’t mean it is entirely safe for your device.

Cell carriers may block third-party software because the developers of such application don’t control them and their performance. But not every third-party is the same. Many of them can be helpful for you as they allow performing tasks on your mobile phone.

Parental controls are considered third-party software. Most parental control apps are safe for their customers. If you plan to install monitoring application on the cell phone, contact the cell carrier to ensure flawless work of the app.

Did PhoneSheriff experience a hack attack?

As you may already know, PhoneSheriff is the software developed by Retina-X Studios. Retina-X Studios is the company, which has been designing mobile and computer software until it was hacked in the February 2018.

In April 2017, Retina-X studios experienced the first attack. Back then, the attacker wiped the recorded data as well as any other information on the servers of the PhoneSheriff software. Although Retina-X studios managed to recover from such an incident in 2017, the latest hack made the company stop accepting spyware orders.

It is now known that many PhoneSheriff users applied the software to monitor their partners’ activity illegally. In other words, they didn’t obtain a consent to track someone’s device.

The recent hack also erased the majority of the data from Retina-X servers. The company denied the hack, so the Motherboard decided to check whether PhoneSheriff was hacked or not. They created an account on the official PhoneSheriff website and installed mobile software on the Android device.

Two photos of shoes were taken on the target device. Motherboard addressed the hacker to ask whether the images were visible for him. The hacker claimed that he saw the photos of shoes and also got access to login credentials and information deleted from the PhoneSheriff account registered by Motherboard.

The hacker also admitted that the system had many exploit weaknesses, which allowed him to intrude the system and erase a terabyte of users’ data. PhoneSheriff used the Rackspace cloud provider to store the activity logs and other users’ data. The first time the hacker simply found the login credentials to the Rackspace containers in PhoneSheriff application for Android phones.

After the first hacking incident, PhoneSheriff took measures to secure the key to their data containers. But they didn’t improve data security. Such neglect resulted in the second attack on PhoneSheriff data servers, which were emptied once again.

Now, PhoneSheriff has stopped providing monitoring services due to the latest attack. The PhoneSheriff representatives claim they will offer refunds to all the customers who used their services actively.

How do I choose the effective parental control?

If you have read up to this moment, you are probably interested in how to make the right choice of parental control. Indeed, monitoring application can save your nerves and ensure your kid is safe. But even for a tech-savvy parent choosing between different controls may be a challenge. What to pay attention to when picking the spyware? Look at the following points, which can help you to decide on the powerful spying software.

  • GDPR compliance – Make sure the software you are about to purchase follows the General Data Protection Regulation. GDPR policy regulates data protection and privacy in the European Union. Under GDPR, organizations and individuals who work with users’ data have to ensure data processing safety and eliminate data breach.

    If the parental control software complies with GDPR, they will ensure the protection of users’ personal data.

  • Compatibility with target device – The software version has to run smoothly on the device you are planning to monitor. Check the compatibility list for the exact phone model. If the model is listed, you will be able to use the spyware on the phone.

    Look for the software, which is compatible with many devices. If you decide to start monitoring another device, you won’t need to switch to others parental control options.

  • No-jailbreak option – Parental control software, which requires jailbreaking iOS device, may not be the best option for you. Due to the latest updates, Apple significantly increased the security. Moreover, they encourage developers to inform them about system vulnerabilities for money. Jailbreak is almost dead now.

    Choosing parental control software for your kid’s iPhone, make sure it works without jailbreak. In other cases, you may expose your iPhone or iPad to serious security risks.

  • User-friendly interface – The first thing an average parental control user pays attention to is the interface of the website. The site has to outline all important details on the software and instruct the user on the installation of the mobile application.

    Pay attention to an FAQ section. It should inform you about the software and outline refund and data protection policies.

  • Customizable features – Default features of parental control application may not always help you with device monitoring. For example, continuous GPS location tracking drains the battery fast. If you can’t customize it to check the location two-three times a day, it will make the device shut off due to the dead battery.

    Check if the parental control you plan to purchase, allow to set the features according to your preferences.

Why is mSpy better?

PhoneSheriff is no longer delivers monitoring services. But there is another powerful parental control app you could switch to. mSpy is an innovative monitoring software, which is easy to use. Except for broad choice of monitoring options, mSpy covers no-jailbreak license for iOS running devices.

With the mSpy mobile application, users can set call restrictions, monitor chats on social media, view the photo gallery and fully control their kid’s phone. mSpy follows the GDPR policy to guarantee data security and protection.

What else does make mSpy stand out?

  • Pseudonymization – mSpy applies pseudonymization to process users’ data erasing the connections between the certain user and specific information. Such procedure can ensure that no one is able to find relations between customer and their private details without additional data, which is stored separately. Pseudonymization makes the personal data unidentifiable.
  • Data encryption – Except for pseudonymization, mSpy also uses data encryption. It guarantees the security of the private data by encoding all the information and generating an encryption key for the following decoding.
  • Technical support – Even users without any technical skills can install the mSpy application. Purchasing mSpy license you will get around the clock assistance. Technical specialists will guide through the installation process and help you to set up the application for it to run smoothly.
  • 10-days refund – mSpy guarantees a full refund of the costs within 10 days from the moment of the purchase. If you find the software inoperable (which will not happen), you can contact mSpy customer support manager any time to request a refund.
  • Adjustable update interval – Users can decide how often they want the data updated. mSpy connects to the servers to update the information and transfer the activity recorded to your Control Panel. You can adjust the software to refresh data every 10 minutes or every hour. Set the preferable interval in the settings of your account.
  • Variety of payment methods – Purchasing the mSpy subscription you can choose between Visa/MasterCard, Wire Transfer, PayPal, American Express, JCB and other payment options. You can decide on the payment system preferred and provide the payment to get the installation link and start using mSpy immediately.

mSpy is a wise monitoring solution that can help you stay updated on your child’ activity. Customize the features to get the most out of the mSpy parental control software.

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