Plummeting iPhone Sales

Until recently iPhone seemed to be invincible, but for the first time since its launch the smartphone of Apple’s rival had an incredible boost in sales – more copies in a quarter than immortal iPhone. Of course it was Samsung – who else could it be? It managed to sell 18 million Galaxy S III units from July 1 till September 31, whereas Apple sold only 16.2 million iPhone 4S units during that time period.

This was the time when Apple fans anticipated the launch of the iPhone 5 and decided to refrain from buying the iPhone 4S. Meanwhile, Samsung made use of this market situation and launched a couple of similar models like the Galaxy Note II, which turned out to be a brilliant idea as their sales went up. But does it mean we have the reasons to state that the time of global iPhone craze will be over soon?

 iOS Loyaty Statistics

Well, the recent data provided by market analysts suggest it might be so. The research carried out by Strategy Analytics has revealed that 88 percent of American iPhone owners have the intention to remain loyal to iOS next time they need a new phone. Although that seems to be a great news for Apple, in fact it isn’t. This number has seen a decrease from 93 percent a year ago. The same survey carried out in European countries has shown even worse results for Apple – the number of loyal iPhone went down from 88 percent to 75 percent in the last year.

Thus, we can see that Apple fans still show their loyalty, but no one can deny the fact that
more and more smartphone users are considering the idea of switching from iOS to some other OS. Virtually the same tendency has been noticed among tablet users over the past couple of months.

Fatal Mistakes

Have you noticed that the price of Apple shares has significantly dropped and is still going down with an amazing speed for the past quarter. What’s the reason for this? Surely, this has nothing to do with the market saturation with their fascinating devices. What is really making it less difficult for Apple’s competitors to gain a bigger share of the market is the launch of iPhone 5. This product has managed to dilute the common conviction that Apple’s products have literally no flaws.The  iPhone 5 is far from perfection – it has several big errors:

  • made of aluminum – susceptible to scratches
  • it had greater lens flare issues than the 4S
  • disastrous Apple’s new Maps app
  • light leak on white model
  • screen glitching

Furthermore, Apple launched the 4-iPad only several months after the 3-generation one, which was a great disappointment for iPad 3 users. The iPad mini appeared to be imperfect either:

  • its edges were prone to scratches
  • its screen had a low pixel density
  • its cost was unjustifiably high

It is still a mystery

It seems the bitten apple logo is gradually losing its magic after the departure of Steve Jobs. Will Apple keep the reputation of being the most fascinating technological innovator, or will it turn into just an average American giant? No one can tell you that. The answer to this question depends solely on Apple’s future products.

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