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Police officer customer review: I manage my kid’s screen time with mSpy App Bundle from Samsung Galaxy J3

Police officer customer review mSpy appMy name is Ted Harris. I live in Neapolis. Just want to drop a line about my experience with mSpy app Bundle. I have a huge family. I work in police. I am fed up with kids’ missing out or running away from homes. Since I have 3 kids in the house. One is a teen, quite rebellious. Anyway, I decided to give a try. My wife picked mSpy App Bundle basically cause she uses a computer and I use a mobile phone Samsung Galaxy J3. In overall, we’re satisfied. Besides some tech issues, it’s ok.

We use keylogger and keywords alerts. I set up certain words (won’t tell which one, it’s personal) just to make sure she is not involved in blue whale suicidal game, sexting and dating sites.

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I do not check her chatting. I think it’s too much. I just check her GPS location. You know, when teens say they go on sleepover, it means more than that. Especially, when I’m on a night shift, this freaks me out. Yep, I am overprotective.

Reliable monitoring app mSpy

By the way, love viewing apps on the device. I block them periodically. To sum up, I am for parents using parental controls. I know cause I know what’s going on on a daily basis. It’s not about control, it’s about an open dialogue on behalf of a kid.

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