How to prevent teen pregnancy?

Carl L. Hirsch
How to prevent teen pregnancy?

Teen pregnancy is one of those issues we silently criticize and fear of as parents. Nevertheless, this is something no one is protected from. mSpy team gives parents an overview of the problem and possible solutions.

In the USA, teen pregnancy was decreased by 8% from 2014 until now. But its rate remains considerably higher than in other European countries.

The experts say that reasons are dubious: either it is due to teens’ abstinence or due to an active birth control usage.

By now almost in every country, there is sexual education. It is a part of biology classes. In secondary schools, teachers discuss sexuality and contraception.

There are programs advocating for the sexual abstinence as the most reliable way to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. They focus on monogamy, heterosexuality as the only reason for the sex. According to the Journal of Adolescent Health, such programs cannot convince teens not to have sex.

Marriage is no longer among main life aspects for modern teens. The reason why abstinence programs are not effective is that Americans are marrying late or even not marrying at all, and they do not want to wait to start a sexual life. The average age of a teen who has their first sex is 15 years old.

However, Penny Nance, CEO at Concerned Women for America, representative of a conservative group, says that marriage and postponing sex are good goals.

Over the last 20 years, the government in the USA allocated $2 billion on abstinence-based lessons. The Trump’s administration maintains the “Abstinence Education and Personal Responsibility Education Program” in schools as well.

Despite funding of so many programs and initiatives, the issue remains tangible among teens. The experts owe it more to parents who are able to influence their kids’ decision to start a sexual life.

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So how can parents prevent teen pregnancy?

First, it’s all about communication between parents and kids. Parents often procrastinate with this sensitive issue and teens get the knowledge on their own.

There is a certain time to start talking. Experts say the most convenient time is 6-8 years old. Every parent should pick the way to communicate the message about sex and its purpose.

Here’s the story from called “Fifteen. Pregnant and No idea” which demonstrates that everything begins with raising awareness:

“Growing up without my Mum was difficult in many ways. I missed out on all those mother-daughter chats, even the one about the birds and the bees. I wasn’t aware of the consequences of having sex and I didn’t know the symptoms of pregnancy. I had no idea I was pregnant for quite a while”.

The most practical way to prevent teen pregnancy is being aware of what’s going on in your kid’s life. Here’s why.

Pew Search Center reveals that teens use social media to look for potential and former romantic partners. 18% teens said they met in person people they first had met online.

Also, according to the recent study of the American Psychological Association, online predators do not hide their age and intentions and teens, in their turn, share openly their sexual aspirations. Sounds scary.

Parents might be unaware that their kid is looking for a sexual partner but bookmarks in the web (dating sites), keyword alerts read from their device may certainly translate this to them.

Parents should view chatting via social media, Tinder matches, and Facebook messengers to identify if a kid is in search in general. Monitoring social media and apps might be helpful and insightful. For example, you teen posts pictures with a half-naked body or postures that literally tell the followers “I am in search”. This is where parents should ring alert bells.

mSpy parental control software is flat out the best solution for worried parents.

With mSpy parents are able to:

The relationships between sexes bother teens. Parents have all the odds to anticipate it to step in in time. Ignorance and inaction trap kids into early parenthood.

mSpy – Know. Prevent. Protect.

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