Preventing Attacks on Information

Businesses at all levels, from the small independent businesses to the big corporations, are aware that security threats exist to the data their companies keep on their computers. It is easy to prevent these threats in some cases, but in other cases, these security breaches can be costly to these businesses on a number of levels.


With the full knowledge that threats to their networks and the data contained therein, companies set about implementing and installing expensive security locks to protect their important information. The problem is that hackers of varying degrees of expertise easily break into the data and networks by the holes left in these expensive security locks.

What, hackers again?

In recent years, electronic espionage, cyber warfare, and organized crime have been on the rise in the world of electronic data. Hackers globally are able to breach the information systems of countless businesses and corporations that do not have the proper security systems installed. In some cases, these breaches in the systems security could be avoided by simply using the proper patches or fixes that have become available to correct them. Furthermore, hackers are able to use a number of different tricks on vulnerabilities in networks and systems that they used as many as four years ago.


According to a report by the US Standards organization NIST, of all of the cyber-attacks that take place today, an estimated 90% of the hackers are targeting these well-known, and in many cases, fixable, vulnerabilities from years past. For companies that do not respond quickly enough to the present day “zero day” attacks, there is understanding and forgiveness. For those companies that have not made efforts to fix vulnerabilities, there is no forgiveness.

Reasons of weakness

One reason that vulnerabilities are so easy to breach is that IT systems are incredibly complex. Most systems are difficult to keep updated and staying current with all the alerts to vulnerabilities and patches is equally challenging. Another major problem is that many CIOs have a false sense of security in the protection of their networks. Regardless of how up to date one is with their systems security, vulnerabilities exist.


The reality remains that cyber-attacks and hacking will continue as long as companies are not vigilant in protecting their networks. John Yeo, head of ethical hacking and incident response at Trustwave, an IT security consultancy, stated that companies are failing in not keeping their security systems up to date, but they are also not acting when the detection of security breaches and attacks has taken place.

Ways out

When security breaches go unnoticed, the potential damage to a company is impossible to determine. Countless numbers of personal records, important private company plans, and data, along with intellectual property can be accessed and stolen. The protection of all of this is possible with the early detection and immediate removal of all dangerous software found on a company’s system.


Jon Yeo stated that the best way to protect private and critical company information properly is to keep all security tools up to date and free of vulnerabilities. Simply put, “lock it, or lose it”. One of mobile applications that can be employed in such a capacity is mSpy, advanced software targeted at those who want to seriously protect their business and family. It can be carried out by keeping tabs on everything what’s going on in the smartphones of the persons in question, both in the office and at home, as well as by being able to lock important info stored on the phones in case of it being endangered. Plus, it is one of the most trustworthy parental control programs.

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