Problems of Modern Parents Caused by the Technology Splash

Problems of Modern Parents Caused by the Technology Splash

Being the parent of a kid in a modern, tech-savvy world isn’t as easy as it was even a couple of decades ago. With the ever-growing plethora of online/offline threats, it’s more and more difficult to control and protect our children. However, the good news is that some mobile applications can offer a solution to these problems allowing parents to effortlessly and cost-effectively keep tabs on their children’s online activities on a day to day basis. These are parental control apps.


Every morning as we wave our children off to school or college, something inside the parental brain kicks into gear and we start worrying about them. Will they stay out of trouble? Will someone try to snatch them? All sorts of scenarios flash through our heads. Once they leave our sight we have no way of knowing what route they will take, where they might stop off along the way or who they will encounter. Even if they intend to head straight to school, these plans can change and, on rare occasions, this could lead them into a dangerous situation.

There are potential dangers everywhere. While we cannot hope to protect our kids from some of them, like road traffic accidents, we can do our part to keep them safe from other threats including drugs, alcohol, bullying, and other forms of abuse. Let’s take a closer look at some of these dangers along with a few statistics and case studies.


Years ago, bullying was restricted to face-to-face name calling and fist fights. However, these days there are more cases of cyberbullying. While this may not do any physical damage, this form of bullying is far more psychologically damaging. Even the most attentive of parents may not spot this form of bullying – unless they have a way to check their children’s texts and social media!



Drug addiction is also a big concern for parents. In the past, it was perhaps easier to spot when someone was developing an addiction to such substances. However, as these have advanced, they have become more potent and they can cause serious problems even on the first use. Many parents feel that by tracking their teenager’s cell phone, they can intercept messages pertaining to buying drugs or alcohol, thus, allowing them to intervene.



Sometimes life can seem like it is just too much to cope with, especially in the teenage years when hormones are running wild making even the smallest of problems seem like they are insurmountable. Unfortunately, teen suicide is a growing problem. Many young people feel that taking their own life is preferable to having to deal with their problems which can range from bullying to confidence issues. In the majority of cases, if the young person had someone to turn to when they were at their lowest then they may not have taken such drastic action.

With the help of cell phone monitoring software, it is possible to intercept messages and other activity that might send up a red flag that something is wrong with your child. It could be that you find evidence of bullying or abuse, or perhaps you might discover that your teen has been blogging about their thoughts, or even looking up how to take their own life. By intercepting these data, you will have the opportunity to take action.


Internet Abuse

While the internet has undoubtedly made our lives easier, but like most things it also has a darker side. The internet is awash with material that we would not want our kids seeing such as pornography, explicit violence, bad language and disturbing content. All of these subjects can have a detrimental effect on impressionable children; as responsible parents, we need to make sure that our kids are not accessing this type of content.


There are a growing number of parents who are blocking, restricting or monitoring internet activity to spare the psychological and physical health of their children.

There are a number of very useful mobile applications out there which some parents are even not aware of, but which could help to protect their children. These applications offer a wide range of features that are specially developed to offer protection for ordinary citizens, their families and even businesses. Some of these features include call recording, instant messengers monitoring, email viewing, geolocation tracking and much more. To get more detailed information, you can visit


Teen life is far from plain sailing! Our children are facing much greater dangers than we did at their age. If we are to protect our youngsters from online predators, cyberbullies and other threats, we must take steps to monitor them. Cell phone spying apps, like mSpy, are invaluable in helping to protect our kids.


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