Puresight app reviews 2019: How it works for iOS and Android

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Puresight app reviews 2018: How it works for iOS and Android

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What is PureSight?

PureSight is a company aimed to assist parents in creating a safer environment for the growth and development of their kids. The company has developed a tool, called PureSight Multi. This application allows parents to monitor their kids’ devices and protect them from inappropriate content and online bullying.

PureSight Multi includes two efficient technologies, developed by PureSight experts. These are Active Chat Inspector and Active Content Recognition.

  • Active Chat Inspector detects and eliminates dangerous contacts. It also allows parents to recognize signs of cyberbullying.
  • Active Content Recognition deals with sites your kid may visit. Sites, which contain inappropriate content will be blocked.

What does PureSight Multi offer?

PureSight Multi is a parental control tool, which covers plenty of features. What can you do with the help of PureSight?

  • Protect your kids on MULTIPLE DEVICES. You can control multiple devices with PureSight. Monitor cell phone and personal computer simultaneously.
  • Protect your kids from CYBERBULLYING. You may believe your kid texts only with friends. But nobody is protected from cyberbullying. PureSight checks the Facebook contacts of your child to reveal bullies and suspicious friends.
  • Protect your kids from PORN. You don’t know what content your kid may accidentally face. PureSight prevents your kid from visiting sites containing offensive material.
  • Access reports & alerts from ANYWHERE. PureSight monitors the device of your kid in real-time. The software sends alerts and notifications when someone suspicious wants to contact your child.

PureSight also provides extensive reports on your kid’s online activity for certain period.

  • Set TIME LIMITS on internet & chat use. Kids often find it difficult to concentrate when the smartphone is around. They text and Google all the time. Using PureSight to set time limits on the internet you will restrict your kid from spending hours online.
  • Set up and use EASILY. To start the installation, you should answer some questions and make up a password. Hide the PureSight icon from the desktop of the target device. No one will ever find out PureSight software is installed on their phone.

Why is mSpy better?

mSpy is one of best parental control apps on the market. mSpy can beat its competitors with many useful features.

  • Geofencing. The mSpy app will send a notification every time your kid enters school or grandparents’ house. Set the geofences and be sure where your kid is at the moment.
  • Incoming calls restrictions. You can block calls from suspicious people and prevent bullies from getting in touch with your kid. mSpy will restrain blocked contact from reaching your child.
  • Keywords tracking. Create keywords and get notifications every time your kid type it in the search bar. mSpy helps parents find out what things their kids search online.
  • Device Locking. In case the device is lost mSpy will help you protect personal data of your child. Enable lockout and prevent strangers from accessing your kid’s content.

mSpy can offer you a lot more. Try out the best parental control software and make sure it really works.

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