Qustodio Reviews 2023: How It Works on iOS and Android

Daniel Black

In today’s digital reality, it’s pretty hard to deal with kids’ Internet overuse. It’s also challenging to say “No” when children are obsessed with social media and can’t imagine life without a mobile phone glued to their hands.

That’s why parents seek help, and this is where parental control apps come in handy.

Parents don’t have to be tech-savvy to use monitoring tools, such as mSpy or Qustodio. But they need to pay attention to the nuances of whatever app they’re choosing.

For example, some Qustodio reviews call it one of the leading parental apps on the market. However, its Trustpilot rating says the opposite. The app has only 3.4 stars based on 201 reviews.

It’s natural if you want to find the best solution for your needs and compare multiple options. Keep reading this article if you want to know more about the Qustodio app. Or head over to mspy.com to start a free trial and see mSpy in action.

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What Is Qustodio?

Qustodio is a parental control app that helps parents monitor their kids’ online activity, set screen time, and check on them remotely.

The software provides the full spectrum of monitoring opportunities, such as viewing text messages, calls logs, locations, installed apps, and other activities on a child’s phone. As Qustodio makes the whole online activity visible to a parent remotely, it doesn’t ruin kids’ trust and relationships inside of their family.

It is popular software that created an ecosystem for parents who want to ease parenting with monitoring tools. Qustodio family portal is one of the biggest communities in the niche where parents can share their experiences using the app.

How Much Does Qustodio Cost?

Qustodio is a way out when families encounter online dangers like cyberbullying, online predators, and personal data leak. The app is not free but offers various plans for family, school, and business needs.

Business plans

Qustodio’s price for business needs is the same as for schools. However, it differs in features specially created for effective employee monitoring. These are:

  • smarter filtering
  • time management
  • application monitoring
  • advanced geolocation for Android devices
  • intelligent reporting

How Do I Start Over With Qustodio?

It’s not a problem if you don’t have any experience with parental control apps, as Qustodio is easy-to-use software. Before installing the app on your kids’ mobile phone or PC, make sure to sign up and buy a subscription.

If you want to start a new profile for your kid, here’s what you can do:

  1. Open Qustodio, log in to your account and find Family Portal.
  2. Go to Settings and then to Children’s accounts.
  3. Start a new profile by tapping Add a new child. You can do it every time you need to create a new profile for your kid.
  4. Access your kids’ device and go to the Qustodio download page.
  5. Install the app following the instructions.
  6. Go to your Qustodio control panel and start monitoring.

If you want to clear records and start new monitoring activity, you need to:

  1. Go to Family Portal.
  2. Tap Settings > Children’s accounts.
  3. For every kid, click Remove Child.

And if you want to delete all devices linked to your account, you need to go to Family Portal > Settings and Devices > Remove.

qustodio install

How Do I Block Specific Keywords With Qustodio?

Unfortunately, you can’t ban particular keywords and search requests with the Qustodio parental control app. You can only restrict specific domains on the web.

Take into consideration that when your kid uses YouTube or Google, the app won’t filter the content. It only enables Safe Search.

How Do I Close My Qustodio Account?

If you want to close your Qustodio account, keep in mind that your phones, smartphones, or computers will be disconnected from Qustodio. All protection settings and kids’ profiles will be deleted, too.

Note that you can’t delete the app remotely and need to access the monitored device to do it manually. You can find detailed instructions on how to remove Qustodio from your gadgets in their Help Center.

How to Bypass Qustodio on Android?

If your kid is tech-savvy enough, they can easily bypass Qustodio installed on their device. It’s absolutely not a problem, as YouTube offers dozens of videos on how to do it.

When the screen time runs out, Qustodio locks your kid’s device screen when they try to do something. However, they have a few seconds before the software blocks installed apps. So, kids can still read messages if they are quick.

If your children want to install an app from the Play Store, they can spend time bypassing the restriction. Although the process is repetitive and boring, kids will do anything to break the rules.

And there is an even easier way to get rid of limitations. Kids can reboot their Android devices in safe mode to bypass any parental controls.

Why mSpy Is the Best Alternative to Qustodio

Since Qustodio is an easy-to-use and easy-to-bypass app, parents need to consider using more reliable monitoring solutions. As an option, they can try the mSpy parental control app.

mSpy has a number of advantages over Qustodio. Here are the major ones:

  • mSpy is a more secure and well-thought app, so it can’t be easily deleted from a monitored device;
  • mSpy offers a keylogging feature that makes it possible to set restricted words. The app alerts you every time your kid types those words on their device;
  • If you no longer want to use mSpy, you can uninstall it remotely.

If you want to try mSpy, you can head over to mspy.com and start a 14-day risk-free trial or access the demo.

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Daniel Black is a family advisor, psychologist, and father of two. He believes that anyone can become a better parent, partner, and self if they learn more about interactions inside of a family. Daniel enjoys hiking, backpacking, and trekking.


  • It turned out very helpful. Actually I was looking for something like that cause it’s hard to find sort of the whole overview on the app. Definitely will give it a shot.

  • I have had Qustodio for 5 months and I do not think it has worked for more than a couple of weeks. Frequently Qustodio would lock my kids out of their phones even though they had clearly not used it. (in my drawer all day). I tried multiple times to uninstall and reinstall Qustodio without success or it would work for only a few days. I have even gone through the trouble of factory resetting the phones twice and still have the same issue. The location detector sucks. Almost never accurate. The only thing worse that the app is the support. The only answer I got from Qustodio was to reinstall the app, then they stopped responding to my requests for a refund or help. By the way Qustodio does not give refunds or even partial refunds. DO NOT BUY!!!

  • I don’t think this apps really work i downloaded this app and reinstalled it twice because it was not working on my phone last year.Now i am using This application as TheFamilyTime and bit satisfied now than lat year.

  • Qustodio has turned my Son’s PC into a hunk of metal we cannot log into. There is no recovery. Qustodio locks you out of the internet. Even if you try to turn it OFF, since Qustodio has locked up the PC and it will not let you connect to the internet, you can never recover the PC. Buy a new PC. Thanks. Have a great Day. Maybe Qustodio is working with the PC companies to make you buy new PCs. Been working on this for an hour on Thanksgiving!

  • I do not recommend using this app if you actually want to keep your kids safe.
    Almost every review of Qustodio I have seen is written by someone who clearly has not actually used the software and likely doesn’t even have kids.
    Most reviews are just clickbait for their affiliate links which they want you to click as they make a commission if you buy the software. They just quoting features from the Qustodio website.

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