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Read from mSpy customer review how troubled teen’s parents handle tech addiction with mSpy App Bundle from htc u ultra

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Hi, I’m Tina from Denver. My situation is quite particular. My kid has been in a rehab center. He was addicted to tech. We didn’t notice that coming. He was so into it that he stopped even eating. We continued the therapy at home. Our therapist recommended using parental control to know what the child is doing. So we bought mSpy App. First the Premium Package, then the Bundle. We just need to monitor him from a phone and a computer. I doubted it would work for htc u ultra and Android Nougat. But it did. What can I say?

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I didn’t like the installation process. But I have to use it cause monitoring opportunities are good. The most powerful feature for us is managing apps and web surfing. They work as triggers for our kid. That’s why I have to restrict them. I cannot isolate him from using the phone and a tablet but I can manage it. Have to admit it is effective. We’re doing good right now and my kid realizes he is an Earth citizen. Believe me, it all starts with another extra hour spent on screen time. I feel guilty with what happened to my son. I do really recommend using parental controls as tech ways to protect your kid from tech addiction.

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