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How to read others WhatsApp messages on Android?

How to read others WhatsApp messages on Android?

Social media messengers like WhatsApp became an integral part of our daily routine. It is the way how modern people communicate, make new friends and even develop their business. If you want to know how to read others WhatsApp messages on Android, this article is for you.

Use a monitoring app

Nowadays, there is a great range of monitoring apps. Some of them are quite similar, but there are some differences between them. Some apps require jailbreak while the others don’t need it. The mSpy parental control app is the best solution for people who don`t want to perform jailbreak.  All you need to monitor WhatsApp texts is to know iCloud credentials of the target device.

How to use the mSpy no jailbreak solution

The process of the mSpy no-jailbreak solution activation is very simple. It consists of three facile steps:

First step is to activate an iCloud backup on the target iPhone. To do it, open the Settings on your phone and choose “iCloud”. Turn all the features on to have an access to the tracked logs later.

Second step is to visit and choose the no-jailbreak subscription. To complete this step, fill the billing information in and and submit your order. Your account will be created automatically. You will get your ID and a password in a welcome letter.

Third step is to start the target iPhone monitoring. Apart from WhatsApp texts, mSpy no-jailbreak solution gives you an opportunity to have an access to such features:

  • SMS: view all text messages on the target iDevice;
  • Call logs: view all incoming and outgoing calls and the calls’ details (names, date and time);
  • Contacts: view all the contact list of the target phone;
  • Installed apps: view all the installed apps;
  • Safari: view the browser history;
  • Calendar;
  • iMessages;
  • Wi-Fi Networks.

Now you know how to read WhatsApp conversations. The mSpy no-jailbreak solution is a reliable and effective monitoring app, which gives an opportunity to read not only WhatsApp texts and but also use the other features without any problem.

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