Research Shows People Play On the Mobile Phones when Watching TV

A research which has been carried out by the Pew Research and American Life Project showed that several mobile phone users mostly do different things on their cell phones while watching television or listening radio program.

The study, that surveyed 2,254 people from the month of April and the month of March of the current year, showed that 52% of cell phones users use their cell phones when sitting back and while watching tube. One question arises here, what they do on the devices, 38% of these people replied that they use them to keep their selves occupied during the commercial breaks and 23% of them said that they usually text another person who is watching/listening the same show or program at some other location.

In addition to that, 22% of people reported that they check just to see if something which was said on a certain show is true or not, while 20% of people search for websites over internet that are mentioned on the show. 11% of people said that they just look to see the opinion of other viewers about the show or program and another 11% of people use their devices for posting comments. Lastly, just 6% of people out of all, reported that they use their cell phones or mobile devices for voting for a participant of a reality show they watch on TV.


What else, this survey also tells that those people who have got a smartphone mobile device are far more likely to use their (cell phones) mobile devices when watching television, 74% of smartphone mobile device users or owners reported using their cell phones as compared to 27% of non-smartphone mobile device users. This survey doesn’t look into probability of tablet owners who use their iPads when watching television or listening to any radio program.

The research also showed various demographics. Those people who are homes and are having income that is more than $50,000 are more likely to use their cell phones when watching television or listening radio as compared to those people who are having lower incomes.

These findings can prompt advertisers to make much interactive experience for the audience. They can also use this info for getting people engaged by using their cell phones for interacting as a marketing strategy. Viewers/audience can’t do anything else then checking some websites or updating statuses over internet.

People spend a lot of time on their cell phones or mobile devices that is for sure. Those people that are nervous about losing their cell phones may wish to think about implementation of phone monitoring software. Not only may this give the user their device’s exact location, but it may also report them if someone tries to access their cell phone or mobile device.

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