Samsung galaxy note 4 user and mom gives customer opinions on how mSpy App Mobile Family Kit helped check on her siblings when divorcing

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Hi, I’m Sarah from Fort Collins. Actually I bought mSpy App Mobile Family Kit for my siblings. We’ve been surviving a divorce and they’ve been especially vulnerable at that particular time. I just wanted always to be sure we’d go through this without tragedies.

What I like the most about the app is its unlimited device change. That is what actually works for our family. Besides, I monitor them regularly. Here’s what I’d recommend to others:

  • check on your kid’s place especially when you’re on a business trip
  • monitor if Snapchat and messenger apps like WhatsApp have turned off location exposure
  • monitor if your kid visits adult sites
  • set up words that report your child’s inappropriate behavior. I set up keywords like sex, dating sites, Tinder, Omegle, and others
  • look through contacts from time to time. It might be helpful to know who your kids hang out with
  • block sites you disapprove
  • manage screen time. My kids had a sleep deprivation because they used to go to bed late at midnight. Now it’s ok.

Have to say the logs work fast so I always get the updated info, especially when it comes down to a location. For parents who freak out every time their kid goes to an unknown place, that’s definitely a way out.

Had some troubles with monitoring Snapchat. But now it’s ok. Looks like they fixed the thing.

Guessing doesn’t work. mSpy does.
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