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Hey, my name is Susan Kusack. We’re living in San Diego. My kid is having obedience problems. He’s also going through a therapy. So we bought the mSpy app Basic Package to manage his online activity and offline life. Have to say it worked ‘cause at least I know where he is. Kids like mine are likely to go to an unknown place without saying to anybody. Can you imagine how we used to be freaking out every time we couldn’t reach him? So yes, mSpy was a solution.

We found that mSpy was compatible with our Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. Love the interface. Setup wizard is absolutely helpful and clear. I didn’t even need the folks from support.

We use the GPS location tracker and geo-fences. Although we discuss places to go, sometimes he doesn’t obey. Another helpful thing is blocking apps. My kid downloads hundreds of them. I’m exaggerating but there are so many of them. I have to check and first ask why he uses them. Then if we disagree I block them. In other words, the app works great for families with special kids.

Also, my husband looks through browsing history and bookmarks. Believe me, when a kid types sort of “DIY how to make optical drive burning laser”, it alerts. He also uses Keylogger and keywords alerts for the same purposes.

Obviously, it affected our parent-child interaction. Since he’s having a therapy, doctors say that any tool that regulates kid’s activity might be helpful. Looks like we found a good fit for us. I would recommend it to crisis centers, mental health centers, etc.

Guessing doesn’t work. mSpy does.
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