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How mSpy app helps use a Samsung phone as a tracker to spy on kids?

How mSpy app helps use a Samsung phone as a tracker to spy on kids

In 1938 Lee Byung-chul founded the Samsung LLC as a trading company. Only in 1988 it released the first hand phone. The world was never the same. Since then people use mobiles as phones, photo and video cameras, etc.

Now it’s possible to turn your Samsung phone into a phone tracker and, thus, spy on people remotely

The latest versions of Android allow to use a Samsung phone as a phone locator to spy on people if adding a monitoring tool like mSpy app

But before discovering mSpy app as a reliable phone tracker, let’s find out how it is tailored to the everyday life of parents. Moreover, we’ll dwell mostly on Samsung devices since Samsung features and mobile phones models are well accustomed to different apps. So here’s the story of a dad with a teen daughter.

Everything seemed great until I realized my kid was so consumed with Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube. We used to discuss things together when she wanted to get a new experience. That was our family golden rule. This time she did not ask for permission. She just grew up and social media with their dubious stuff became an integral part of my kid’s life.

Am I ok with that? Are you parents ok with that? I remember watching the interview with the Kardashians. They were asked about the influence on young girls via social media and if things they share about their private life were good for followers. I do remember my kid used a Samsung at that time. When she saw sisters used iPhone, she wanted the same. Samsung cell phones were not ok for her. She wanted iOS. That’s when I started ringing alarm bells.

“Definitely there are much more positive things than bad ones”, one said. “My sister hires … people to work in her business and she is just 19”. “Well”, I thought, “that’s great. But meanwhile, if my kid is inspired by her example of work, she might be inspired by her sexual life (which is not the role model) and her way of treating people”. And that undermines our family values and everything we taught her. This was the first time I thought I should use my Samsung to spy a little bit on what nurtures my kid’s mind.

As every responsible parent, I started exploring what stuff is available for my kid if I randomly look for something on YouTube. Useful lifehacks, clips with DIY tips, educational lessons. Then I saw a pop-up with an ad. I clicked. Got interested. Watched it. And after that a new one. And a new one. Suddenly I realized I lost 3 hours watching things I do not remember a few minutes later.

Here’s what I think, parents: the Internet is a huge distraction machine. Sometimes, it can be a substitute for real relationships and real-time experience.
We used to raise our daughter as a thoughtful person. We cultivate the value of time as a thing you cannot bring back. And the fact that my kid can waste it so negligently makes me upset.

Samsung phone as a phone locator

I decided to commit myself to learning what the Internet might be for a kid. Don’t be delusional about the complete online safety of your kid. Here’s what I found out:

  • teens surf online on average 5 hours and 38 minutes every day
  • 18% of teens want to meet in person people they first met online (that blew my mind because we never talked about it. Had I made a research, I would never talk about it to my daughter).
    Have to admit this reason pushed me to find Android apps which can track from my Samsung phone.
  • Sexting is NOT JUST sending SMS to your partner with sex hints; it’s also sending naked or half-naked photos. Sexting can be considered as a porn explicit material and that may ruin your kid’s reputation in a way they will not be able to find a job.
    I have to admit: I am not sure that my kid does not feel peer pressure and does not run after popularity on social media.
    It’s not all. Keep following.
  • 93% of teens are on Facebook and 21% share their personal cell phone number.
    I taught my child to be respectful and not to be mean by all means. I taught my child to forgive if other people do not respect her. To speak out for herself, for sure, but not to fight or bully. But how could I know there’s such a thing like cyberbullying? I found out that
  • 33.8% of adolescents were victims of cyberbullying in their lifetime and there were even deaths
  • there are about 750 000 online predators who literally hunt children online.

I think that parents should raise their personal awareness about the Internet risks. Also, they should add some tech help like a phone tracker or a phone locator compatible basically with their Samsung devices.

Did you know that there are secret death groups circulating on the Internet? They recruit kids and encourage them to do dangerous stunts which often end up with death. Thus, all over the world, the Blue Whale Challenge took lives of 130 kids. This challenge (they also call it a game) is about setting 50 tasks for 50 days. And the last one is to commit suicide.

My mission is not to scare you. I want to make parents vigilant about their kids’ Internet usage. I want to call for practical steps: it’s time to spy on the kid’s Samsung to be aware of what’s going on in that beautiful mind. It’s time to ask yourself: “Am I sure my kid is safe online?” “Does my son or my daughter know how to handle cyberbullying or people with fake profiles who insist on meeting in person?” “How to track a Samsung phone to protect practically my child from al that dangerous stuff?”.

So after doing my research, I understood I had two more options to sort things out:

  • communicate with my kid on those sensitive topics
  • find some tech solution which can help me manage my kid’s Internet activity

The rules were not called off.

I have to say her reaction was good. We talked about sexting, befriending via social media and celebrities on YouTube and Instagram. I asked if she followed somebody. She said yes but that person is not a movie star, a singer or showbiz person. She’s into dancing and the role model for her is Debbie Allen. I googled to find out who it was. Turned out it’s a dancer, a very popular one and she founded Debbie Allen Dance Academy. That was a sign of relief for me. But definitely, it’s not the reason to calm down and do nothing.

So my next step was finding some tech to manage my kid’s online activity. By the way, I told her I was going to do it because I didn’t want to lose her trust.

Actually, there are multiple Samsung spy apps on the market. There are iOS spy apps as well. Each of them is tailored to specific needs of every family. Moreover, Samsung cell phones accept easily this kind of spyware. Anyway, I made the list I’d like to share with you gladly.

  1. If you have iPads, they have parental controls which restrict the Internet surfing and even more. You need to go to Restrictions on your iPad to enable its parental control. By the way, it also prevents unauthorized in-app purchases your kid might randomly make (won’t write too much; you’d better go to their support page).
  2. YouTube has also parental controls but tech-savvy kids can easily get around it. That’s where Samsung spy software comes in handy – they can be invisible to the target person.
  3. Snapchat has parental control as well.
  4. Your browser probably has parental control too. I use Google Chrome and found out that they have Free Web filter: Parental control and anti-porn.

There’s the most effective way to accomplish this purpose.

spy on a Samsung phone with the mSpy app

In order to view sites, social media your kid visits, try to spy on a Samsung phone with the mSpy app.

How can I find out if my Samsung phone is compatible with mSpy app?

mSpy app is compatible with any Android device 4+ and iOS 6+ as well as with Windows XP and Mac OS 10.7.

Here’s how you can identify if mSpy complies with the best version of Android:

  1. Find Systems Settings on your Samsung phone’s menu.
  2. Below find “About phone”
  3. The operating system type of your device is indicated under Android version

To spy on a Samsung phone if you have an iOS device, you need to find your version:

  1. Find “Settings”
  2. Pick “General” and click “About”
  3. Below find “Version Number”

You can use the mSpy app to spy on almost all Samsung cell phones.

Any spy app can be compatible with a Samsung phone if using rooting or similar ways of installation.

mSpy team, for example, is open to deal with any Samsung phone problem.If you want to use mSpy App as a phone tracker for Windows, here’s how to find the Windows’ version:

  1. Open “Start”
  2. In the search field type “Winver” and click Enter

Finally, let’s find out how to do it for Mac:

  1. Find the Apple menu in the left top of the screen
  2. Pick About this Mac
  3. You’ll see the version under Mac OS

Hacking apps should not be used illegally.

Those developers have to warn customers about this strong position to avoid the violation of privacy rights. Reading of the relevant local laws can be very helpful.
Spy apps developers usually do not care how exactly their software will be used. But mSpy app solicites for its ethical usage. Its creators ask customers inform previously the target people that they will be monitored.

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