Samsung VS. Apple

Samsung Will Get Access to Financial Details of Apple-HTC Deal

Apple’s evolving patent dispute with Samsung has attracted a lot of publicity over the past week. The Cupertino computer giant company reached a licensing deal with HTC two weeks ago, but Samsung viewed this situation as a chance to win their legal case against Apple and demanded access to the details of their agreement. Samsung was determined to use that licensing pact to oppose Apple’s injunctions by saying that Apple didn’t mind having been paid for their IP and patents, as is the case with that huge payout, and for this reason issuing a charge against Samsung products could not be seen as a fair step.
In some ways, Samsung’s claims were understandable. The Korean company suspected that Apple, which had claimed the only way the current litigation could be solved was with license payments, was flagrantly trying to block Samsung sales. But while HTC was happy about its litigation with Apple, Samsung had no reasons to be satisfied.
The treaty between Apple and HTC held the attention of Samsung, but given the history between the fruit giant and the Korean company, it was obvious the claim wasn’t going to be met with the desired reaction. Of course, Apple wasn’t going to give up, and while it “kindly” let Samsung see the details of the agreement, the most important data was still kept unavailable to Samsung.
Apple was ready to give Samsung only the edited version of its agreement with HTC that will consist of only thirty-three words. It didn’t take a Sherlock Holmes to guess that such a licensing agreement between two large companies should have been many pages long, but this considerably shortened “compromise” on the Apple’s side was nothing else, but a way of trying to make a mockery out of its bitter rival. Apple claimed that Samsung had no right to poke its nose into Apple’s royalty figures.

Finally, according to the last court ruling, Apple is obliged to show the financial part of its deal to Samsung’s legal team. Thus, Apple’s bitter rival will get to know how much the Taiwanese company pays Apple for each Android phone.

In all probability, Apple will have to give up its initial aim to make the court ban the importation of Samsung’s Android smartphones into the USA. Apple’s consent to license its patents to HTC means that one billion dollars in damages the Korean giant is required to pay should be sufficient compensation.

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Court final ruling

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