Saving money with a phone is easy

There are always many paths to reach your goal. If it is to save money, one of the most useful tools nowadays can be your own smartphone. Here’s the list of top ten means:

1.      Find Fee-Free ATMs
In order to save $3 each time you need cash, check for the nearest fee-free ATM using your bank’s smartphone app for either iPhone or Android. You can save money by saving a bookmark for your bank’s ATM locator page as well. Enjoy this wordplay!
2.      Always Have Your Coupons
Coupon apps (e.g. Coupon Sherpa for iPhone and The Coupons for Android) provide you with a large database of coupons for various stores just when you need them, any time. And they do not take up precious space in your wallet at that!
3.      Use an App to Compare Prices When Shopping
Are you familiar with the difficult choice between online and brick-and-mortar stores? Scan the barcode on the back of a product with your smartphone’s camera and employ a price comparison app – RedLaser and Google Shopper or Amazon Mobile for iPhone; the same for Android except the first one.
4.      Keep Digital Copies of Discount Cards
Great amount of otherwise useful discount cards becomes unmanageable; their quick retrieval and management is possible with a free app called CardStar (for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry). A lot of freed space again!
5.      Actually Use Your Phone to Save Money
Putting together a budget and tracking your spending can be done successfully with the help of the right app. The free Jumsoft Money app and BillMinder are good options for iPhone; Moneywise, Pageonce, or EasyMoney are great for Android. Save with correct mobile tools!
6.      Save Money on Groceries
To manage grocery shopping needs, you can use Grocery IQ to scan the barcode and add it to your groceries list. This app keeps track of your grocery store discount cards and any current deals/coupons, allowing a free download for both Android and iPhone.
7.      Get Cheap Gas
The closest gas station isn’t the cheapest one. A gas price finder app is really helpful for savings; it can be GasBuddy on both iPhone and Android.
8.      Make Calls Using VOIP
Think of making VOIP calls to save your minutes. Use Skype for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry; Talkatone lets you make free Google Voice VOIP calls on your iPhone and GrooVe IP does that same for Android.
9.      Don’t Pay for Text Messages
Many apps let you send text messages for free delivering your service plan of extra burden. They are the free Google Voice, as well as TextFree for iPhone and Android. By the way, mSpy can track any kind of text messages.
10.  Tether at Little to No Cost
When you pay a specific price for a data connection, especially for a finite amount, you are free to use that connection however you want. To tether without the monthly fee on your iPhone, you’ll need to jailbreak and purchase MyWi; on Android, just use PdaNet.

There is one more way to earn and save money with your smartphone, especially if you don’t know how to start earning good profits online. It’s by joining Affiliate Program of any mobile app, for instance mSpy, which can bring you great profits with ease. Plus, this soft allows you to protect your kids. 

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