Saying NO to Bullies

We keep hearing about the cyber-bullying epidemic which seems to have taken over America and Europe. There is some scary statistics and ongoing, often tragic news about cyber-bullying victims. It is worrying.

In school environment, values and beliefs often become determined by group dynamics. Stronger, more popular students and their circles dictate the behaviours, the trends and attitudes around them.

The others will mirror their likes and dislikes, which sometimes leads to ganging up against those students who do not fit into what is perceived as cool by the majority. And with proliferation of the internet and smartphones, there seems to be no escaping from bullies who get extremely proficient in tormenting their victims online, via social media, group chats etc. The results are often deadly.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention determined that 3 million students reportedly missed at least one day of school in the past month because they felt unsafe. Those numbers don’t even count the kids who, while attending school, still feel threatened.

It is estimated that in America alone, this year 13M American kids will have been bullied online, on the bus, at school, at home, through their cellphones and on the streets of their towns, making it the most common form of violence young people face.

Some people (even parents and coaches) believe that taunting helps kids compete, and that they must earn respect and friendship. This approach can do irreparable damage forcing already vulnerable teens to make sometimes tragic decisions just to avoid facing their tormenters.

Stand united

Parents should take equal responsibility for their kids’ behaviour offline and online. Having conversations about good practices, raising the awareness about the damage and impact of any form of bullying should take place in any household.

Parents (and teachers alike) should stand united against any form of discrimination. Alas, the number of cyberbullying cases isgrowing. Reinforcing the message about the importance of responsible internet usage, as well as staying abreast about what’s going on in the social and online world of your kids can help parents a lot. They are able to timely determine whether their child is a taking part in any bullying activities or, perhaps, is a victim him/herself.

Engage the help of technology

Monitoring kids’ smartphone usage may be another way of ensuring safer and more controlled experience for kids. While never being a substitute to proper parenting and communication, smartphone monitoring products, like mSpy, come in handy. They offer parents a non-intrusive way to instantaneously identify potential risky areas.

mSpy customers report purchasing mSpy to combat cases of cyberbullying, as well as to identify behavioural problems in teens, as it captures all communications taking place on the target device.

Adolescence is a turbulent time with too many questions, too many unknowns, too many temptations. Kids are trying to ascertain their independence from their parents, questioning school authority, trying to distinguish themselves amongst their peers, and ultimately looking for their place in this world. Let’s guide them and help them make the right choices, to choose kindness over cruelty, to show empathy and to stand up for something they believe in.

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