SecureTeen Review 2019: Supervise Child’s Internet Use

Daniel Black
SecureTeen Review: Supervise Child’s Internet Use

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What is SecureTeen?

SecureTeen is the mobile phone software designed for comfortable supervising Android, and iOS devices use as well as Windows monitoring. The SecureTeen app offers varieties of options for controlling the way children use the internet. The software allows parents to limit access to dangerous games and apps, determine the schedule for smartphone use and much more.

Parents keep investing in powerful parental control. Why monitoring kid’s online activity became such a necessity?

Most modern children interact with technology a lot. Almost every one of them has their own mobile phone and can use the computer to complete home assignments. As soon as the child starts exploring the internet, parents have to teach them how to be safe online. Keep reading to find out how to educate your child on online security and control their internet use with SecureTeen.

How does SecureTeen work?

To begin using SecureTeen software, you have to download the app from the Google Play for Android device and App Store for iOS smartphones. To install software on Windows, download the file from the official site of SecureTeen.

To start monitoring the child’s activity, you need to install the app on the computer or mobile phone. Then, set up the software to track the activity and determine time limits. Next, log in to your SecureTeen web dashboard to check the collected activity.

Your dashboard is the control panel for the SecureTeen mobile application. Here you can control the monitored devices, set settings and review the activity. You can enter your dashboard with your SecureTeen account credentials.

How do I view my child’s internet activity logs?

Log in to your SecureTeen dashboard and go to the Child Activity tab. Here you can see the activity types. Click on the activity to discover the recent updates.

Supervision of mobile activities helps parents find out what things do they children face online. But how to teach kids how to avoid online dangers? Here is some advice.

  • Promote safe technology use – Forbidding the child to use social media, parents only pique their interest to do that. It is essential to allow the kid to apply internet for various purposes such as communication, search for information, etc. Parents should inform the child about basic safety rules. For example, you could tell them not to expose their private data to suspicious websites, and use the ad-blocking extension in the browser.

    Make sure your child set the real date of birth on social media platforms. Some social networks aren’t available for the kids under 13, and underage users have to obey the rule.

  • Practice unplugging – Choose the days during the week when each of your family will turn off their devices to enjoy the simple things. The weekends can be perfect for unplugging. Plan a family outing or make lunch to celebrate each one’s achievements.

    Unplugging days help children to change the focus. They will stop being absorbed by online activities and spend more time involved in real life events.

  • Tell about digital footprints – Every piece of information the users share about themselves online doesn’t disappear. Some photos exchanged between friends in chats may become public. That’s why children have to be responsible for the content they share online.

    Discuss the digital footprints with your child. Ensure all the information and content your child posts online aren’t compromising or controversial.

  • Set a good example – Show the child that you also follow digital safety rules. Don’t share personal information online, avoid purchases on dangerous websites and unplug together with the kid. Block pop-ups and other online ads, and teach the child to do the same.

    Seeing your involvement, the kid will start following a good example. Your efforts to protect them from the dangerous effects of the internet won’t be unnoticed.

How do I define rules for Internet filtering?

Exposure to inappropriate content is the main problem the parents are concerned about. Indeed, there are many dangerous websites online, and the child may accidentally visit one. That’s why internet filtering software is the one very requested by parents.

Internet filtering limits the access to dangerous websites for the child. These are explicit, disturbing and adult-oriented material. It is always interesting for the kid to find out something they shouldn’t know. Though, sometimes it’s better to postpone the exposure. It is easy to do with the help of internet filtering feature from SecureTeen.

SecureTeen allows filtering internet content by:

  • Category – The software limits the access to websites that fall under a particular group. Prevent your child from entering adult sources, denoting the category in the filtering list.
  • URL – You can blacklist the source by typing the URL address of the unwanted websites. The child won’t be able to enter it, once it is blocked. You can allow the access to the site, excluding its URL from the blocked category.
  • Keyword – Filtering by keyword gives complete protection from inappropriate material exposure. Add a keyword to the list and the software will limit access to URLs including the keyword.
  • Safe Search – Safe Search filters adult-oriented websites, which contain pictures and videos. You can enable or disable the Safe Search on your web dashboard.

Internet content filtering feature will allow kids to enjoy safe surfing. But that doesn’t mean the child won’t see something dangerous on TV or friend’s mobile phone. Unfortunately, parents are not able to protect their kids from finding things out.

What they can do is to teach children to address information critically. Most of the parents establish strict rules for the kids, which always include the words “can’t” and “not allowed.” In result, some children cannot explain why they are permitted to see the particular material. They only know that the access to the website is forbidden.

Thus, parents shouldn’t set strict rules to control every single “digital” move of their kid. Nobody can’t control everything. Tech world develops rapidly, and children will always be able to find a way how to bend the rules. Teaching the child how to understand every piece of information they see you can avoid setting content restrictions.

Help your child develop an opinion towards the dangerous, violent and abusive material. Understanding the negativity and risk of specific content, the kids will be able to make own decision not to revisit the website.

How do I keep my kids from accessing unwanted content by using categories?

Filtering internet content by categories, you avoid adding each website’s URL to the blacklist. The sites, which cover similar material will fall under one category. For instance, the social networking category includes the following websites:,, etc. If you filter the Social Networking category, all the sites related will be unavailable.

How to block the particular category with SecureTeen?

You need to log in to your SecureTeen dashboard and select the child on whose device you want to apply content filtering feature. In the tab that appears choose “Category Settings.” You will see the list of categories and “Allowed/Blocked” button near each of the categories. Block the categories you find inappropriate for the child. Your kid won’t be able to visit the website that falls under the blocked group. Save your changes.

How do I keep my kids from playing a game or using an application?

The SecureTeen software also allows to block the application you find harmful for your child. These can be a game or social media app. SecureTeen can even block the Google Play store. All you need to do to limit access to any app on your kid’s device is to open the list of installed app and set the restrictions.

What apps should you block? Restricting access to all the applications for the child, you may deprive them of some useful apps. Determine which of them are dangerous or time-consuming. Look through some categories:

  • Social media/messengers – These are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other networks that gather people around. Children love communicating and sharing content on social media apps. Although they help them to keep in touch with friends and classmates, they frequently become huge time-wasters. Consider limiting the access to such chatting application for some time period.
  • Dating apps – Dating applications are similar to the social media ones. Many 13-year olds use them as a way to get more popular and find dates. But, the profile tells little to nothing about a person. Not surprisingly, sometimes teens are harassed by users who firstly seem flirty and amiable. If you notice your child is chatting with someone toxic, think about limiting access to dating apps.
  • Mobile games – Not every mobile game is dangerous or harmful for the child. Logic puzzles and brain games help kids to develop their cognitive skills. Though, some popular mobile games are enormous time-wasters.

    Find out how much time does your child spends playing mobile games. You may consider blocking the Candy Crush Saga for a while. Try it

  • Organization apps – Organization apps help to keep track of the things you need to do. With apps like Todoist, children can organize their own to-do list and not forget to deal with essential tasks. Usually, organization apps don’t waste much time. If your child uses note-taking apps, they will be productive during the whole day.

No need to block the organization apps on your child’s smartphone. These types of applications will only help them spend spare time wisely.

How do I setup location tracking on my kid’s device?

Location tracking feature allows you to find out where your child is at any moment. Applying GPS tracker, SecureTeen follows the kids everywhere they go and reflect their paths on the map of your area.

To start monitoring your child’s location you have to enable the location service on the target smartphone. You can allow the access to a place in the Settings of the device. Then go to your SecureTeen account to customize time intervals.

Time intervals determine how frequently the location updates will appear. The minimum time interval is 8 minutes, the maximum – 2880 minutes. Please note, that short time intervals may drain the battery of the device.

To define time intervals, log in to your SecureTeen dashboard and determine the child to customize settings for. In the new tab select “Rules” and choose “Location Settings.” In the tab that appears, define time intervals. Save the changes.

If intervals are set on the device, you will see the “Updated on the device” notification appear. In case the changes are not saved yet, you will see “Waiting for an update from device.” Refresh to check whether the device updated the time intervals.

Is location tracking useful? For those who live in the big city, worries about kids’ safety on the streets are real. Most of the parents would like to discover where their kids are wandering after classes.

Some parents manage to pick up their children from school. But it’s not that easy for nine to five workers with a busy schedule. Children whose parents are stuck at work, have to walk home on their own. Thus, location tracking feature comes in very handy for the occupied fathers and mothers.

Setting time intervals for the SecureTeen app, you will receive updates on the location of your child. You don’t need to enter your dashboard to check their every movement. The regular updates will keep you informed on the street they walk past.

How do I configure time management feature?

Time Management feature helps parents to determine when their children can and can’t use their smartphone. Time Management allows to block and unblock the access to the smartphone.

To customize time management default rules, you can modify Time Allowance and Time Schedule settings. With Time Allowance you can limit the use of the smartphone to some hours per day/week. Time Schedule helps to set weekly restrictions for the device use and allow or restrict access for a particular hour for a specific day of the week.

Time Allowance allows to set daily or weekly allowance of device use. For example, you can limit the time spent using a smartphone to 2 hours per day.

Time Schedule tab has a comprehensive table with grey boxes. Grey colored boxes indicate the time when the child is allowed to use the device. If you want to limit access, select the boxes, which indicate the particular hour. The boxes when the access is restricted will turn red. Save the changes.

How can Time Management feature be helpful? In the era of technology, you will barely find a child who doesn’t have a smartphone. Mobile phones help us to stay connected and updated on each other’s activity.

With a variety of mobile apps, it is easy to get distracted. Kids frequently get absorbed by chatting apps and mobile games and forget to complete more important tasks. They often lack time to finish homework or spend some quality time with friends. But if you check your kid’s device usage statistics, you will be surprised to find out that the amount of time they use their smartphone reach up to 3 hours a day.

Time management is not the skill everyone should learn the first day in school. The majority of children aren’t organized. They prefer spending time the fun way: chatting with friends, playing games and watching TV. But, no parent will disagree they would like their kids to spend more time offline. That’s why time management feature from SecureTeen is beneficial.

Time management option helps your child to invest more time in their real hobbies and interests. By limiting the access to the device for a particular time, you do your child a great favor. They will be able to complete home assignments in time, take up new challenges and have some fun without a smartphone.

Smartphones are useful unless they start being addictive. Make sure your child isn’t absorbed by social media too much – help them find some time for themselves.

What is a child profile and how do I create one?

A child profile is your SecureTeen account. It includes all the settings and options, which you apply for controlling a particular device. A default profile is an initial profile, which contains default SecureTeen rules and parameters. You can leave them as they are or customize the profile for better use.

You can create your child profile from SecureTeen dashboard. Optionally, you can sign up from the SecureTeen app during installation.

If you would like to link a Child Profile to a smartphone with SecureTeen installed, log in to your Dashboard. Here, open the “Account Settings” and select “My devices.” Define the smartphone to link the Child Profile with. Select “Actions” and choose “Map Child Profile.”

In the tab that appears, you will see the current mapped Profile on the opposite from the device’s name. You can open the drop-down menu to see the other available Profiles. If you want to change Profile, select the preferred from the list.

After you save the changes, the new rules and settings of the particular Child Profile will replace the previous ones.

How to check what Child Profile is mapped to the device? Go to “My devices” tab and check the active devices column. It should display the name of the monitored smartphone and linked Child Profile.

You can link the Child Profile not only from your SecureTeen Dashboard but also from your Android device. Follow the steps to connect Profile:

  • Sign in your SecureTeen account – Once the installation is complete, launch the SecureTeen app from the home screen of the device. Sign in to your existing account or register if you’re a new user. Then provide a device name or leave the default one.
  • Create Child Profile – Tap “Create New Child” and proceed to add details to the Profile. Define the name, birth year and gender. Tap “Create.” You will see the “Link Child” screen. Here tap “Next.”
  • Check the active features – After you linked the Profile to the device, you will see the list of active features. Here, tap “Finish.”

Do you have a refund policy?

SecureTeen provides one-month pre-installation money back guarantee. You can get your money back in such cases:

  • If you cannot perform the installation of the SecureTeen software
  • If you can’t get physical access to the target smartphone/computer
  • If you use the data for the others than specified purposes.
  • SecureTeen also has post-installation money back guarantee. To be eligible for the refund, you have to report the problem within 15 days from the day of SecureTeen installation. Contact SecureTeen support representatives to address your issue. In case, customer support is unable to resolve your concerns, you will be provided with a refund.

    What are the advantages of remote device management?

    SecureTeen features remote device management. It means you can control and supervise the activity on the target smartphone distantly. What are the advantages of remote monitoring?

    • No physical access required – You don’t need to reach out for the kid’s smartphone to get the activity insights. SecureTeen collects the activity logs and transmits them to your Dashboard. Log in to find the activity updates.
    • Discover kid’s location at any moment – You don’t have to call their friends to find out where is your child wandering. SecureTeen makes it easy to discover your child’s location remotely. Just enter your Dashboard to inspect the place your child is at.
    • Check the activity updates anytime – SecureTeen saves the activity logs to your Dashboard. The software stores the records for an unlimited amount of time. You can check the activity monitored any time you like. Enter the Dashboard from your device to get the latest updates on the kid’s activity.
    • Change the default settings – You can quickly change the default settings from your Dashboard, instead of modifying the SecureTeen app on the smartphone. Set content filtering rules directly from your Dashboard.

    What are the most requested SecureTeen features?

    SecureTeen covers many useful features to ensure the online safety of your child. What are the most popular monitoring features?

    • Block Apps – You can easily prevent your child from spending an excessive amount of time on mobile apps. Restrict access to any application installed on their smartphone.
    • Check Internet History – SecureTeen displays browsing history and updates it regularly. You can find out what did your child googled and which platforms did they visit.
    • Read SMS – With SecureTeen you can view incoming and outgoing messages of your child remotely. Prevent sexting and other dangers of chatting with strangers.
    • Monitor WhatsApp – Find out who your child communicates with on WhatsApp. You can also discover how much time does your child spend in WhatsApp and limit access to this app.
    • Examine call logs – The SecureTeen software tracks the calls performed on the target phone and allows to view you to find who interacts with your child the most. Call logs appear in Dashboard.

    All the features described above can help you to make your child feel safer on- and offline. With the spread of online threats, monitoring a child’s device became necessary. It helps parents recognize the problem and handle it instantly. But what exactly is harmful about the internet?

    • Sexting – Sexting is a form of online communication, which includes an exchange of sexually explicit content. Sharing nudes and other inappropriate content with others, adolescents expose themselves to threats of being embarrassed and humiliated. Parents should take actions to prevent sexting.
    • Cyberbullying – Cyberbullying is the negative phenomena that keep all the parents concerned. Real-life intimidation and harassment expanded on the internet. Sometimes stronger children pressure and influence the weaker ones on social media and in the chatting apps. Protecting the child from cyberbullying and its consequences is an essential task for the parents.
    • Oversharing – In pursuit of popularity, adolescents start oversharing content. They post happy photos of their own to impress their peers and pretend older than they are. But this online behavior only puts them at risk of being humiliated and rejected. Monitoring what does your child post online is a step forward to the prevention of oversharing.
    • Adult-oriented content – With unrestricted access to the internet, kids can find anything they want. Frequently, they get exposed to the adult-oriented material. Although parents can’t control what the child searches for online, they can prevent exposure to inappropriate material applying content filtering.

    Why is mSpy better?

    mSpy is a parental control solution for all the parents who want to start living a worthless life. Except for the wide range of features, mSpy has a lot of benefits you can enjoy. Here are some of them:

    • Unique tech support – mSpy Customer Support team deals with different ordeals. So if you need help with installation or setup of the mSpy app on the device of your child, you can freely contact our Customer Support. They will install and customize the app for you using Teamviewer.
    • Cross-platform software – The mSpy monitoring software works flawlessly on Android and iOS devices. You can start exploring all the mSpy features on any compatible smartphone. Just check whether mSpy supports your particular phone model.
    • Location alerts – GPS location tracking is, indeed, a helpful feature. But mSpy also provides location alerts to guarantee the better safety of your child. With the help of location alerts, you will find out when does your child enters and leaves school.
    • Keylogger – Logging the keystrokes on the kid’s smartphones, mSpy allows you to know what information do they share in messages. You can view the key logs distantly from your personal Control Panel.
    • Calls restrictions – mSpy helps parents to protect their children from unwanted interactions. You can block particular phone numbers from reaching your child. Moreover, with mSpy, you can monitor incoming and outgoing calls on the kid’s mobile phone.

    The mSpy app helps you to ensure kid’s safety and release your worries. Find out where is your child and what are they doing now.

    SecureTeen App REQUIRES Android RATING:

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    Price: $0.0

    Guessing doesn’t work. mSpy does.
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