Do you know how to set parental control on iPhone?

Carl L. Hirsch
How to set parental control on iPhone?

When it comes to kids` safety, it is important to set restrictions in order to be sure they are safe when you are not around. In this article, we will teach you how to add restrictions on your kid`s iPhone, set usage limits and block hazardous apps with the mSpy parental control.

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How to use iPhone restrictions

  1. Go to the iPhone
  2. Scroll down and choose Restrictions, then tap Enable Restrictions.
  3. Set a password to change settings or turn the restrictions off.
  4. Turn the restrictions on or off, taping the slider next to the app or a feature.

How to set the mSpy parental control app

It is a common knowledge, that Apple products have a strong security system. That`s why to install any application that is not on iTunes, it is needed to perform a jailbreak. But this variant is not convenient for parents who don`t have physical access to their child`s phone. With mSpy you can monitor your kid`s phone with the help of no-jailbreak solution.

How no-jailbreak solution works

In order to use mSpy no-jailbreak solution, iCloud credentials of the child are needed. There are a few steps which will help you set mSpy no-jailbreak solution on your kid`s phone:

Step 1. Purchase mSpy

Firstly, go to the and choose the no-jailbreak subscription. Then, fill the payment information in and submit your order. You will receive an email with your ID and password for logging into your Control Panel.

Step 2. Install and set up 

When the purchasing process is completed, sign into your account.  Choose no-jailbreak installation and go through the backup activation. Enter the credentials of the target iPhone (ID and password) to backup all the phone data.

Step 3. Start monitoring

Once the installation process is finished, you may start monitoring iPhone. The mSpy no jailbreak solution has such features:

  • SMS ;
  • Call registration;
  • Contacts;
  • iMessages;
  • WhatsApp (texts);
  • Installed apps;
  • Wi-Fi Networks;
  • Browser history (Safari);
  • Calendar;

How use mSpy with jailbreak

There are a few simple steps which will help to set the mSpy parental control app on your kid`s iPhone:

Step 1. Purchase mSpy

First of all, go to the and choose the most suitable subscription package which meets all your needs. After, fill in the billing form, choose the payment method and then submit your order.

Step 2. Install and set up

When you finish the purchasing process, you will receive a welcoming email with your ID and password for logging into your Control Panel. To install the application, follow the instruction guide from your email. The process of installation is not difficult and doesn`t require a lot of time.

Step 3. Monitor your device

Once the installation process is finished, you may start monitoring the target iPhone. The mSpy parental control app allows you to:

  • View text messages (and the deleted ones);
  • Monitor all call logs and restrict unwanted ones;
  • Monitor Internet usage (including the browsing history and bookmarks);
  • Read instant messengers (Facebook, Snapchat WhatsApp,);
  • Track GPS location;
  • Mark safe and dangerous zones on a virtual map with geo-fencing;

In this article we gave you the detailed explanation how to set parental control on iPhone. Choose the variant which is the most suitable for you.

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