Sexting & Cell Phone Security: A Boy Sues TV Station For Broadcasting Sexting Video With His Name

A Colorado TV station is being sued over a rather unusual case.  This station showed a mobile video of a teen’s erect penis. But that is only half of the deal. Apart from simply displaying the child pornography video, it also attached the name of the boy right above a YouTube thumbnail icon of the video as well as the boy’s real Facebook profile, where a lot of his private information and all his friends can be seen.

According to the lawsuit, which is, by the way, seeking $1 million in damages, the boy, and his family, as a result, have been forced to relocate to another state. Moreover, the 14-year-old has suffered emotional damage from the embarrassment of this provoking story, depression, loss of friends, as well as self-esteem problems, several transfers of schools and other education facilities, alienation, and a number of other damages which can be often linked with the mental and brain development of minor children. You can read the whole story here.

This case proves once more the fact that the dangers of sexting and cell phone security should be paid a lot of attention to by the parents all over the world. Parents should teach their children how to use their phones in a secure way and explain all disadvantages and damages ultimate sharing can cause. Plus, it would be wise to keep a parental eye on everything your kids are doing with their cells. And that is the case when a good parental control app, such as mSpy comes in handy.

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