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Sexting – The thin line between private and public

Sexting – The thin line between private and public

Do you think the message you send privately remains private? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way. You have no idea what the person who receives the message intends to do with it.

Sexting is the sending sexually suggestive messages or pictures via SMS, email, WhatsApp or any other social messaging apps.

Sexting Statistics

According to satistics, sexting has increased at an alarming rate based on the rising use of smartphones among teenagers. It is estimated that 70% of teens have received a sext message at least once in their life. Can you imagine waking up one day to see your kid’s nude photo on the Internet? Let’s see some stats:

  • 40% of teenage girls do it as a joke
  • 34% do it to feel sexy
  • 12% do it as a result of being pressured

Effects of Sexting

Though sexting between consenting adults is not illegal, when sexually explicit images include a participant (subject, photographer, distributor, or recipient) who is under eighteen, child pornography law applies. If a teen is convicted of dissemination of child pornography, he/she could be sentenced to up to thirty-six weeks in a juvenile detention center and would also be registered as a sex offender.Your kid will be associated with it if any material of that sort is seen on his/her phone. It does not matter if it’s a joke or not.

A great example is Allyson Pereira, a New Zealand native. When she was sixteen-years-old, she sent a naked picture of herself to her boyfriend. When the couple broke up, the boy sent the photo to everyone in their high school, causing Allyson to become the object of torment from both male and female students. Worse yet, the bullying and leering did not just come from her fellow students, but also from her teachers, friends’ parents, and later in life, her college professors and employers.

Another example is a popular MTV story where a teenage boy out of hurt decided to send a sexting message he received from his girlfriend to all his contact list. This did not turn up well. He was arrested and prosecuted for the dissemination of child pornography.  Additionally, his name was placed on the sex offenders list.

How to stop Sexting

Parents cannot physically police their kids’ phones 24/7. It’s virtually impossible. Every parent wants what is best for their children. So it is always good to have an open relationship with your kids as a parent. Tell them about the consequences of their actions relating to sexting.

With mSpy parental application, you will know if there is a hint of sexting being done by your kid. mSpy app monitors all social media messaging apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook messenger, Skype, Hangout, Tinder, Viber etc. You get to see all messages received and sent. Also, you have all photos and videos stored on the kid’s phone. Knowing what is happening in your kid’s digital life is one of the most important things you can invest in as a parent in this digital age.

And mSpy parental app gives you just that. Once you know it, you prevent it by setting limits to protect them.

Sexting among teenagers is unhealthy and in most cases leads to cyberbullying. Most kids cannot open up about cyberbullying because they are scared and ashamed of it.

Statistically, only 1 out of 10 teens reports his/her parent about being cyberbullied.

Just as you can set physical boundaries in the physical world, mSpy allows you to set boundaries digitally – online.It has other features like GPS location and geofence tracking that allows you to set virtual boundaries where you will be alerted when you kid gets to a danger or forbidden zone. Get to see all the contacts on his/her phone to know if your teen has made a strange friend. Monitor their emails, the website they visit, block any of them that are not productive.

What every good parent wants is to raise a responsible adult. Sexting is real and the effects could be very damaging, from them being prosecuted as sex offenders, to them living their whole lives with one mistake they made, to some going to the extent to committing suicide. You might not know when your kid crosses that thin line between private to public. Do not wait till the damage is done. Prevent it with mSpy parental app.

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