Smartphones and Americans: The Two Inseparable Souls

What is the one thing that Americans use most and are in love with, too? The answer could have been cars decades ago, but now it is the smartphones. They use it for almost everything and they love every bit of it. It all started with the announcement of the first smartphone iPhone. Steve Jobs not only unveiled a revolution, but also gave Americans their heartthrobs! Later on, the Androids and other smart operating systems came along only to raise the bar for the smart phone lovers and increase their number as well.

The Way to Lead the Love

From newly teenagers to even 70 year old experienced fellows to even the 8-10 year olds, smart phones are something that every American home has in common, which makes them one of the largest numbers of users in the world. For the last couple of years, the number is only rising, almost hitting the roof! The embrace and expansion of smart phones in America is particularly remarkable, since the road was not that smooth for this latest technology in the other parts of the world. While most other countries have a mixed ratio of users between smart phones and the previous kind, America has the most phone users as the smart phone users, indeed. Americans surely love their smart phones!

The Life Integrated

There have been hundreds of recent researches held for the past couple of years showing that, people in America are being more and more accustomed in doing most of their tasks through their smart phones, including taking photos, videos and sharing those in different social medias, connecting socially or even professionally, like preparing presentations and attending meeting through apps, storing documents, music and what not. There are millions of apps available for smart phones and thousands of uses for them!

Initially, the smart phones, or the symbian phones focused on only office helper, gaming and music related apps, which later on extended to literally everything:

  • Teaching children through interactive games,
  • Keeping them supervised with phone monitoring apps like mSpy, scheduling tasks,
  • Managing financial accounts.

Communication and Beyond

Though the initial purpose of creating portable phones as to keep people connected on the go, the smart phones have certainly jumped the wall to a whole new space of possibility. It is true that there are no hover cars flying around the streets yet, but smart phones literally brought the future today. Every single day, this marvelous sector of technology is setting a benchmark, only to break it the next day with a newer, improver one. Americans, as one of the most attracted people to new technologies, have embraced the culture of smart phones and the every update of it. Their immense appreciations have certainly inspired the makers to come forward with breakthrough and cutting edge ideas. The love and devotion towards the uprising of smart phones’ usage in almost every stage of life for Americans are quite unmatched. This is one of the reasons that there is always a pretty nerve-wrecking competition going on among the smart phone manufacturers only to bring out the most outstanding performance, and futuristic as well!

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