Smartphones in the Workplace: Minimizing the Risks

Smartphones in the Workplace: Minimizing the Risks

Smartphones have proven to be undeniably indispensable in the corporate world. In recent years, more and more companies have started to provide their staff with these devices in order to make doing their job easier. However, if you are thinking of issuing smartphones to employees, then monitoring them is something that you should be seriously considering.


 What Is The Value Of Issuing Smartphones To Employees?

The answer is pretty simple: smartphones allow employees to handle a variety of different office tasks on the go including:

  • keeping in contact with both colleagues and clients on the move.
  • posting on social media networks.
  • checking and responding to emails.
  • navigating their way between appointments using Google Maps.
  • booking travel and accommodation.
  • analyzing website traffic.

The type of employees who can get the most benefit from a company-issued smartphone are  salespeople, executives, tech support reps and those who spend a substantial amount of time out of the office or who are on call after hours.

When an employer chooses to issue employees with smartphones, they can expect increased productivity, more efficient project management and a greater level of control over access to company data.

The Downsides of Company Issued Phones

The benefits can make it seem like issuing employees with smartphones is a win-win situation. However, there are several major issues that if not addressed could potentially lead to problems in the workplace. Some of the potential issues that could come along include:

  • Potential for employees to waste company time on personal calls.
  • Risk of sensitive information being subject to security breaches.
  • Increased risk of industrial espionage.
  • Increased costs, especially if devices are abused for personal use.

Solving These Problems

While these issues are all things that can be considered to be disadvantages of company issued smartphones, none of them should be considered to be deal breakers! There is a simple way to safeguard against all of these potential problems – mobile phone monitoring software.

Using software like mSpy to monitor employee phones can act as both a solution and a deterrent for all of the issues mentioned above. One of the biggest concerns that most employers have in terms of issuing smartphones to their employees is whether or not they will be used appropriately. Many employers who do not have a monitoring policy in place say that they have seen mobile phone costs increase by up to a third thanks to the number of personal calls made using company equipment. This also has a knock on effect when it comes to employee efficiency. If every employee spends an hour a day making personal calls that soon adds up to a lot of wasted man hours.

However, if you are using cell phone monitoring software, you will be able to pinpoint exactly how much of your time and money is being frittered away on employees’ personal calls! With the call, email and SMS tracking features offered by cell phone tracking apps you can highlight any personal use and use the record as evidence in disciplinary action. In many case, the very fact that your employees know that you might be watching can act as a deterrent and make them think twice about making that personal call!

In terms of protecting sensitive or proprietary information, cell phone monitoring software can also play a big role. When data is accessed on a mobile device it becomes a security risk. Essentially, your employees will be carrying around confidential files in their pocket and it is important to take steps to minimize the risks that this presents. When you utilize monitoring software like mSpy, you can check to make sure that employees are carrying out the appropriate precautions when accessing this information on their mobile devices. There is also the opportunity to ensure that employees are not engaging in industrial espionage and sharing such information with your competitors.

Mobile phone monitoring software can also offer an additional layer of security in the event that an employee’s smartphone is lost or stolen. Thanks to the remote commands which allow you to lock or wipe the phone it is possible to stop important information from getting into the wrong hands. The GPS tracking tools will also allow for you to track down where the phone is in order to recover it.

While cell phone monitoring is always a controversial subject, when handled appropriately monitoring your employees can be a great way to safeguard your company’s time and money. From a legal standpoint, it is essential to inform your employees that they are being monitored. This can be included in employee contracts so that it is clear that all company issued devices can be monitored.

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