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SMS-Peeper Review 2019: How Does The Service Work?

SMS-Peeper Review 2018: How Does The Service Work?

What is SMS-peeper?

Modern technologies allow parents to stay updated on the activity of their kids. Scrolling Instagram feeds you can discover what pictures your kid posts. Facebook also will notify you every time someone tags your child in a photo.

What about SMS? You can monitor activity on social networks if you have an account, but to read your son’s or daughter’s SMS you need special service. SMS peeper is a tool you need.

Is SMS-peeper real of fake? SMS-peeper is the real service, which connects to the smartphone of your kid and displays all sent and received SMS messages. The spying system gathers up to 100 latest texts. 50 of them are sent and other 50 – received.

Messages are displayed along with phone numbers of sender or recipient as well as other details. The details include date and time the message was sent/received. Moreover, you can read the whole text of each message.

How does SMS-peeper work?

A person, whose messages you read with SMS-peeper won’t be able to detect the service. Visit the official site of SMS-peeper to start spying on SMS.

To activate the service, you have to insert some information in the field provided. Type your country and e-mail. Insert phone number of the person whose messages you want to read.

Then click on ‘get messages.’ SMS-peeper will start intercepting texts. Once the interception is complete, you will be able to review the messages.

Having tested the service, we can admit that it doesn’t work correctly. Interception is performed well. But after the data is gathered, the database error appears.

Maybe the service works correctly in some cases. But it doesn’t seem to respond within many tries and doesn’t attempt to upload SMS data. You can test out SMS-peeper. Though, you can also try using alternative software, which is more effective than SMS-peeper.

Why is mSpy better?

A popular alternative you can try is called mSpy. This parental control software offers many spying features to provide extensive monitoring experience. Here are three reasons to start using mSpy now.

  1. You can spy on messaging apps – Spying on someone’s SMS messages, you can reveal a lot of details. But not every kid communicates through SMS. Majority of youngsters prefer using social networks to chat with friends and post pictures.

    mSpy overview your kid’s Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and KIK accounts. The software derives data from any account regularly. With mSpy you can read your kid’s messages secretly and get access to group chats.

  2. You can receive location logs – mSpy is not only an activity monitoring software. The app employs GPS location tracking to provide you with real-time location of your kid. mSpy saves location logs and stores it in your account.

    Moreover, you can set up geofencing for the target device. Geofence is a specific area, usually, the one where your kid spends most of their time. mSpy will send notifications to remind you when a child enters or leaves the geofence.

  3. You can analyze extensive reports – mSpy gathers activity logs and stores them in your personal Control Panel. The software doesn’t delete old data. So, you can review it anytime you want.

There is also an option to receive comprehensive reports, which contain the data on certain activity type. mSpy will generate the report and send it to your Panel. Analyzing regular reports, you can discover many important details and get a complete understanding of your kid’s activity.

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