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How to spy on iPhone without jailbreak?

How to spy on iPhone without jailbreak?

To many people spying and monitoring are two similar things. But it is not quite the case. It is important to understand the difference between spying and monitoring.

  • Spying is illegal. It has no respect to personal environment and leads to bitter consequences (destroyed relations, lack of trust, doubts).
  • Monitoring is a completely different thing. It is legal and is used for protective purposes such as parental control. It is limited in scope because monitoring is always used for checking specific issues (for example GPS location or geo-fencing boundaries).

In this article we will teach you what the jailbreak is and how to monitor iPhone without it.   

What the Jailbreak is?

It is the process of taking out the operating system limitations which are installed in Apple products. Once the jailbreak is performed, a user can download different apps and content not only from the Apple Store, but from different resources as well. Since jailbreaking process requires physical access to the phone, this variant is not reliable for people who don’t want to install any additional piece of the software on the target phone.

Luckily, the development of modern technologies gives us an opportunity to monitor any iPhone without jailbreak. It is a perfect variant for those who don’t have physical access to the target device or don’t want to leave the icon of monitoring app visible.

How to monitor iPhone without jailbreak

With the mSpy no-jailbreak solution it is possible to monitor any iPhone in invisible mode. If you want to know how to track iPhone without jailbreak, this article is exactly what you need. Follow our steps below to find out how to use mSpy no-jailbreak solution.

Step 1. Activate iCloud

 Firstly, activate iCloud backup on the iPhone which you want to monitor. Go to the Phone Settings and choose “iCloud”. Turn on all the features to have an access to the tracked logs later.

Step 2. Purchase mSpy  

 Secondly, go to the and choose no-jailbreak package subscription. Then fill the billing information in and submit your order.

Step 3.  Check your mailbox

Once the registration and purchasing process are completed, you will receive a welcome email with ID and password for signing into your Control Panel and further guidelines. You account will be created automatically.

Step 4. Start monitoring

When the installation process is finished, sign into your Control Panel and start the target iPhone monitoring.

The range of features provided by mSpy no- jailbreak solution is:

  • Contacts: view all the contact list of the target phone;
  • SMS: view all sent and received text messages on the iDevice;
  • iMessages: view all iMessages sent between the target device and the other users;
  • Call registration: view incoming and outgoing calls, including the calls details (names, date and time);
  • Safari: view the browser history;
  • Installed apps: View all the installed apps;
  • WhatsApp: View all the WhatsApp texts;
  • Calendar;
  • Wi-Fi Networks;

mSpy is a global leader of parental mobile monitoring solution which is based on user’s needs. Having no-jailbreak solution option, mSpy opens new possibilities for people who want to keep track on one`s iPhone but at the same time don’t want to install any monitoring apps on the target phone. With mSpy no-jailbreak solution you will be able to track your target iPhone without any problem.

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