Spy Phone app reviews 2019: How it works for iOS and Android

Carl L. Hirsch
What is Spy Phone

1. What is Spy Phone?

Spy Phone is the parental control software, which helps parents to stay updated on the online activity of their kids. You can install the application on maximum five devices. The app is free of charge and includes various spying features.

How does Spy Phone work

2. How does Spy Phone work?

Spy Phone app gathers all the activity made on the target device (the device you spy on) and transmits the data into your Control Panel. Here you can browse activity types and find out where your kid spends most of the time. What can you monitor with Spy Phone?

  • Incoming/outgoing calls tracker. Discover phone numbers, call duration and other essential details the smartphone of your kid may hide. Spy Hide also records time where calls were performed and display the information in personal Control Panel.
  • GPS location monitoring. Parents can stop being worried about where their kids spend time after school. The live location of the kid will be displayed on the map. The app will send location updates every 30 minutes to your Control Panel.
  • Browser history. Not every website is a safe place for your kid. Using Spy Phone, you can monitor the list of sites your child visits.
  • Text messages. School bullying is nothing new. But bullies may also reach your kid over the phone. Monitoring text messages of your kid you will be able to help him/her deal with toxic people.

3. Why is mSpy better?

mSpy is another parental control software that covers many useful spying features. The great thing is that app is compatible with many devices and can run on tablets as well as personal computers. Not only you can use mSpy to monitor your kid’s activity but also track your employees.

Is using mSpy legal? Yes, the use of parental control software is absolutely legal. But you need to inform the person that he/she is being monitored.

What mSpy has that other parental control apps don’t?

  • Powerful monitoring software. Installing mSpy on the device of your kid, you will get access to all the data and activity. You can monitor everything starting from contacts list and ending with private chats on messages apps. The mSpy app stays hidden on the device.
  • Three subscription packages. mSpy allows users to choose from three plans. Each of them covers different spying features. You can decide on the one, which combines most useful features for you.
  • Full refund option. Every mSpy client may get the money back according to the refund policy. You can obtain the full refund of your costs in 10 days from the day of the subscription purchase.
  • Installation guidelines. Once you purchase the package, you will be provided with detailed instructions on installation of the app. Customer support staff will additionally instruct you on the process to complete the installation and setup of the app correctly.

Parental control software is a must for all parents. With mSpy you can be sure you never miss an important thing in your kid’s life.

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