Geopolitics changes with the lightning speed this era. Cold War is over; Phone War is on. It all started March this year with Edward Snowden’s breaking free from chains of hypocrisy. It earsplittingly continued a couple of days ago with Obama & Merkel’s allegedly years-long phone “courtship”. What will be the next exposure in this row of masks’ unveiling?

Snowden’s spilling over the details of the NSA’s secret program that collects connection data on millions of Americans’ phone calls was only the beginning. This PRISM data collection program stored digital communication between people in the United States with people outside the country. Then, another NSA surveillance program named XKeyscore came into limelight. This program provided access to the full text of e-mails around the world.

Let’s move further down the world map. The British intelligence agency GCHQ ran a program named Tempora that tapped into fiber optic cables running under British territory. The farther in, the deeper. US intelligence agents cooperated with Britain’s GCHQ to gain access to Google and Yahoo data and information from millions of users. Mexico and Brazil turned out to be under the microscope of the USA as well. Who’s next?

Well, is he President? Terrorist? What’s the difference then if both spy?

Germany, being among the most closely watched countries, goes on a rampage for official explanations. With France and Netherlands joining the “Club of Electronically Surveilled”, European leaders gathered and discussed ways of protecting their citizens from surveillance. But right now, everyone can do it, as Obama once claimed in a very correct manner, though in a drastically different situation. German governmental officials intend to call for a parliamentary inquiry into the US surveillance program. And sic! Edward Snowden may deliver testimony for this possible inquiry. Strange thing, destiny is. At least, for those who try to change the world around them, be it for better or worse. One day, you’re hunted down as a renegade; next morning, you awake being a celebrity.

Sometimes, I’m visited by strange thoughts that drop in for a cup of afternoon tea: “Is it possible to strike government back, anyhow?” The question is, in what way, I mean, technically? Well, if Obama could use spying soft, we can do it as well. Mobile phone spying software is not as expensive as one can suppose it to be. Of course, it’s next to impossible for an ordinary Joe to overhear high rank officials, but you can monitor suspicious activities of your children, or employees, both online and offline, with the help of an ordinary cell phone. mSpy provides you with across-the-board logging features so that you can remotely track all activity that takes place on the monitored phone. Choose to your liking: SMS, emails, GPS locations, photos, videos, websites, applications, events, contacts etc. You can even read somebody’s Snapchat! Plus, you can block dangerous people from contacting.


Thus, today’s bottom-line runs: Do you sing non-patriotic songs while showering? Mind your tunes, public can hear them. In a single button click, as it were.

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