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Spyera app reviews 2019: How it works for iOS and Android

Spyera App review 2018

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1.1. What devices are supported?

Spyera is a parental control software, which helps parents monitor phones of their kids. Spyera app works on many Android and iOS devices. The software is compatible with smartphones and tablets running Android. If you kid owns an iPhone, you will be able to monitor it using Spyera.

Parents can also install Spyera on iPads, Blackberry phones, and Symbian Phones. MAC and Windows versions of Spyera are also supported.

If you hesitate whether the app is compatible with your phone model, you can check compatibility online. To do that go to official site of Spyera, enter the target device model and wait till compatibility details appear.

1.2. Does Jailbreak Require?

Jailbreaking is the process performed on devices running iOS in order to overcome software limitations. Jailbreak is often performed to allow installation of the specialized application.

To download and install the Spyera application on the target device, you have to jailbreak the iOS firstly. Because App Store prohibits installation of specific apps, users need to get an allowance to install them. In other words, one needs to perform the jailbreak.

Jailbreaking the iOS devices and installing Spyera parents will be able to:

  • Record the surroundings. The recordings of surroundings, including voices and other noises, will be stored in your Spyera web account.
  • Use location tracking. With the help of GPS positioning, you will know how to find your kid anytime. You can check where the kid headed to and see the real-time location on the map.
  • Monitor media files. Children often take many photos to share with their friends and classmates. You can monitor them on the jailbroken device using Spyera.
  • Read SMS. Text messages can hide many compelling details. You can check who are the people your kid texts with and what information they share in personal messages.

1.3. Does Root Require?

Root allows Android users to modify and alternate the system of their devices. Root access is usually required to install non-compatible apps. But you don’t need to root target device to install Spyera. You can use the app on the unrooted phone.

But, pay attention to some features that can work only on a rooted Android device:

  • Live call listening. With the help of Spyera, parents can find out who calls their kids. Once the call is started, you will be notified with secret SMS. To be added to the live conversation, you need to call the target device.
  • Phone surroundings. Spyera will open the microphone on the target device to let you hear the conversations your kid has when you are not around.
  • Messengers spy. Root access is also required if you want to overview chats and private texts in the favorite messaging apps.

1.4. What other phones are planned?

Now, Spyera software is available for most Android and iOS devices. But the manufacturers are planning to launch the Spyera versions compatible with many more phone models. As soon as the update is released, the Spyera customers will be notified and get updates for free.

1.5. Tell me quickly, how does it work?

Spyera is the spying app, which has to be downloaded on the target device. The application gathers the activity performed on the device and sends it to user’s account. Spyera requires an internet connection to work correctly. Thus, target device has to be connected to the Internet.

The activity performed includes recordings of phone calls, which the app will also send to your account. The work of the app can’t be noticed on the target device. Spyera gathers data in a stealth mode making it impossible for the owner of the device to spot the spying software in action.

1.6. What’s the difference between Tablet and SmartPhone version?

Spyera software is compatible with many tablets and smartphones. The only difference between the tablet and smartphone versions is that they are created for different devices. Spyera tablet version is perfect for any tablet your kid may use. Smartphone version of Spyera is designed for smartphones running Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry and Symbian OS.

1.7. Can I upgrade from Spyera Tablet to Spyera SmartPhone?

If you want to upgrade from tablet version to smartphone, you can do that from the official site of Spyera. But mind the fact that the subscription expiration date won’t be changed due to the upgrade of the subscription plan. In order to upgrade, you should contact the support representative on the Spyera official site. Add your e-mail and license Key to the message.

Spyera offers different subscription plans. These are:

  • Smart Phone. Compatible with most of the Android, iOS, Blackberry and Symbian devices. You can choose between 3, 6 and 12-month subscription.
  • Tablet. This version of the software is designed for tablets running iOS and Android operating systems.
  • Computer. Monitoring software for computers is slightly cheaper than subscription plans for smartphones and tablets.
  • All-in-one plan. This subscription package combines the smartphone, tablet and computer plans. All-in-one plan is available for yearly subscription. You can also purchase a plan for two years with 80% discount.

Note that if you go for 3 months subscription, upgrade to another subscription won’t be possible for you.

1.8. What languages does Spyera support?

Spyera site is translated in many languages to help customers from around the globe monitor their kid’s activity. Although, Spyera site translation is performed by Google Translate, which makes it difficult to perceive information.

Another parental control solution that though supports many languages is mSpy. The mSpy website is available in English, German, Spanish, Turkish, French, Japanese and other languages. mSpy support service works 24/7 to provide help any client at any time.

1.9. Why is Spyera limited to 3, 6 and 12 months?

Spyera offers 3, 6 and 12 months subscription plans. A user can choose the one regarding own preferences. Whenever your plan ends, you can prolong your subscription or go for an upgraded package.

mSpy also has different subscription plans. There are three options to choose from:

  • Basic. This package is the perfect option for those parents who are only planning to start using monitoring software. The subscription includes all essential spying features.
  • Premium. This plan is an upgraded one as it includes many additional features. With Premium package, parents can monitor social network accounts of their kids, read private messages and check chats.
  • No-jailbreak. mSpy found the solution for those who can’t or don’t want to jailbreak the iOS devices. No-jailbreak package includes free 24/7 support and is compatible with latest Apple’s releases – iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

1.10. How do I move the software from one phone to another?

To move the Spyera software from one device to another, you have to deactivate it on the target device. Then uninstall the app. The app will be removed from the device entirely. But your license remains active.

Install the application on another device you plan to spy on. Setup all the features and activate the app.

What to do in case the phone is lost? If you have no access to the target device, you can uninstall Spyera app from your account.

1.11. What happens after the subscription months over?

If your plan is over, you can renew the subscription from your account. After the subscription is prolonged, you will be able to continue monitoring the target device without reinstallation of the app.

If you choose not to renew your subscription, Spyera app will be deleted from the device automatically after 3 days.

As soon as your Spyera license ends, you can try out the mSpy app. There are no hidden charges, and you can start using the app immediately. How to start?

  • Purchase a subscription. You can buy spying plan from the official site of mSpy. As soon as you create your account and submit a payment, a confirmation letter will be sent to your e-mail.
  • Install and activate the app. In the confirmation letter, you will find installation instructions you should follow. After you install the application on the target device, activate the features. Don’t forget that Premium subscription features work only on rooted Android and jailbroken iOS devices.
  • Begin monitoring. To start checking someone’s activity, you need to log in to your Control Panel. Here you will find all the logs and data gathered. Make sure the target device has the internet connection. mSpy won’t be able to track the activity on the device, which is disconnected from the internet.

1.12. I purchased Spyera, but I did not receive it?

The moment your payment is submitted, you can check your inbox for the confirmation letter. If you can’t find the letter in your inbox, you should check Spam folder. Sometimes letters are identified by the system as spam. Examine this folder for the Spyera letter.

If the letter still can’t be found, you are free to contact support staff and ask them for the confirmation. They will resend the all the details to your e-mail.

1.13. I don’t have a credit card. Can I pay by bank transfer?

All the clients, who don’t have credit cards, can safely pay for the Spyera license using Wire Transfer. To do that indicate the Wire Transfer payment method in the order form.

As for mSpy, here clients can choose between many payment methods. You can pay via American Express, Visa/MasterCard or Eurocar, PayPal, Diners Club, Ukash, Dankrot, UnionPay, and Qiwi Wallet.

mSpy also provides refunds. Every client can receive the full refund within 10 days from the day of the purchase. But in order to get a refund, make sure you are familiar with mSpy Refund Policy conditions. There you can find all the necessary information, which will help you understand your rights regarding refunds.

1.14. Explain your 10 Day Money Back Policy.

Spyera representatives claim they want to ensure every customer is satisfied with the quality of services. They guarantee a refund in case the customer is disappointed with the software.

You can ask for money back within 10 days from the activation date. To do that you need to deactivate the software, uninstall it on the target device and explain your reasons for the refund. The money will be returned to you.

If the 10 days are over, you won’t be able to request a refund. But in case you have any problems with the software or think it works poorly you can contact customer support and explain your issues to them.

To contact customer representatives, go to support section on the official site of Spyera. In the drop-down list choose type of your problem. If your problem doesn’t fall into none of the inquiry subjects, you should “other.” Fill in the form that appears providing information about your problem and customer support representative will deal with it as soon as possible.

1.15. Which countries does Spyera work in?

Spyera is working in any country. Users from around the world can use Spyera parental control software and monitor activity on the target devices without any restrictions.

1.16. Why do you claim to be the world’s best spy phone software?

Spyera representatives claim they are very proud of the quality of the services they offer. But Spyera is not the only one parental software solution on the market. mSpy is the application worth your attention.

mSpy covers no-jailbreak option for monitoring iOS devices. With the mSpy app, you can start tracking someone’s activity on the iPhone quickly. Follow such steps:

  • Obtain the credentials. To get iCloud credentials, you will have to activate iCloud backup or enable 2-factor/2-step verification.
  • Purchase the software. Your perfect option is a no-jailbreak package. Once you process the payment and confirm, further instructions on how to install and setup the software will be sent to your e-mail.
  • Get started. Once two previous steps are done, log in to personal Control Panel to start reviewing logs.

2. Download

2.1. How do I download the software?

To start monitoring, Spyera app has to be downloaded and installed on the target device. Installation guidelines contain the information on how to download the application and activate it. Note that remote installation of the software is impossible with Spyera. You will have to download the app and activate it on your own.

2.2. Tell me more about downloading the software.

Firstly, you need to purchase the software. You can do that from the official site of Spyera. There you can choose your subscription plan regarding the spying options each of them covers.

After the payment is submitted, you will see a confirmation letter in your inbox. Here you will find further instructions. The letter will also contain a link to a downloadable file. Copy the link and enter it in the browser on the target device to download the Spyera apk file.

Once it is done, the file will be downloaded on the smartphone.

3. Install

3.1. Can I install Spyera remotely?

It is impossible to install Spyera software on the target device remotely. To perform the installation of the app, you need to have physical access to the target device.

Make sure to enable installation from the unknown sources on the device. Otherwise, the installation won’t start.

Once you downloaded the apk file, open it. Then follow the instructions provided by the installer. After the installation is done, you can check whether the logs appear in your Spyera account.

If information can’t be upload to the account, check whether the target device is connected to the Internet. If not, the software won’t be able to track the activity of the owner of the device.  

3.2. Can I install it on the phone using one SIM, but then give the phone to my child who uses another SIM?

There are no restrictions regarding SIM cards. You can install Spyera software using one SIM card and then change it another. Spying software works regardless of SIM card use.

3.3. Can I install on several phones at simultaneously?

You can install Spyera software on several devices only if you purchase all-in-one plan. The plan covers three licenses for three different devices – PC, tablet, and smartphone.

To purchase a plan you will need to submit one-time payment. The price depends on the subscription length.

Your subscription can be renewed automatically. You need to enable auto-renewal option when checking out, and the subscription will be renewed after the expiration.

3.4. Is SPYERA install on the Phone or on the SIM card?

Spyera software doesn’t deal with SIM cards. The app is installed on the smartphone and SIM card cannot interfere or hinder the work of the software.

4. Usage

4.1. How do I read the Email, SMS, IMs, etc. and call logs?

To start reading e-mails and SMS, you have to log in to your Spyera account. Here you can browse all the activity gathered or download a file with all the daily logs. What else can you monitor with Spyera?

  • Media files. Smartphone of your child may contain many photos and videos. Modern children take photos all the time sharing them with friends on social media. Spyera allows you to check your kid gallery and monitor pictures and videos stored there.
  • VoIP calls. Spyera software makes it possible for parents to listen to VoIP calls recordings. The app records calls made and received on Skype, Viber or Facebook. You will also be able to inspect such details as call duration and time of the call performed.
  • GPS location. Do you want to be sure your kid goes home after the school is over? It is important to know your kid is in the safe place when not back home. You can check the location of the child on the real-time map using GPS location tracking.

4.2. What else can I do in my web account?

Your Spyera account will contain all the information regarding the target device. You can also look for keywords among the texts from the personal account. To do that type the specific word in a search bar and the software will display all the messages that contain that word.

4.3. What is Real-Time Ambient Listening?

Real-Time Ambient Listening allows users to listen to all surrounding noises. How does it work?

To start real-time ambient listening, you need to install Spyera application on the target device. Then you have to set your kid’s phone number as a monitor one in your account. You can call your child, and Spyera will pick up secretly. From that moment you can overhear what is happening around your kid.

The feature will be disabled as soon as the target device receives an incoming call.

4.4. What is ambient recording?

Ambient recording allows users to switch on phone’s microphone remotely and begin recording sounds. Spyera covers ambient recording feature. With an ambient recording, you can find out about your kid and people he/she spends time with more.

How to turn on the feature? Go to your Spyrea account and set the time for recording to start. You can do it either by SMS command.

Then Spyera application will start recording the sounds. Once the recording is completed, the sound file will be uploaded to your Spyera account. You can log in and listen to the recordings at any time.

4.5. Can I listen to phone conversations?

Many parents would like to have a chance to overhear some phone conversations of their kids. Though, some say such information has to stay private. Should we comply with privacy restrictions when it comes to the online safety of a child?

Of course, ‘no’ would be an obvious answer to such question. Parents collect their kids from school and meet their friends to make their child is safe when not home. But it is not easy to find out what their smartphones hide.

If sometimes we can ignore texts from strangers, it is not possible to ignore a phone call. Strangers and other dangerous people may reach your kid over the phone. The only one way to prevent it is to use parental control apps.

Thankfully, Spyera allows parents to listen to phone conversations of their children. You can listen to the conversations in real time. Once the call starts, you will be connected to the conversation secretly. You will be able to hear everything and remain unnoticed.

4.6. Can I record phone calls?

You can record cell phone calls with Spyera. To start the recording, you need to turn on this feature in your Spyera account. The application will record the calls made and received on a target device and store the recordings in your account. You can listen to them anytime.

4.7. How safe is my data on Spyera servers?

Spyera representatives claim they respect the right of every client to keep data safe and secured. All the Spyera users can completely delete their private data anytime. Complete delete means no logs or archives will be saved.

Spyera doesn’t disclose data of their clients. They keep the information safe unless they are made to divulge it.

Any time there is system upgrade or other news you should know, Spyera representative will contact you.

4.8. How can Spyera help me recover my stolen phone?

Spyera is not only a parental control option. The app can also help you find your kid’s stolen phone.

In case the device is lost or stolen, the app can continue working. If someone changes SIM card to another, you will be notified about it. Spyera will send you information on SIM number, network name, and cell ID.

Moreover, the app will keep updating logs and gathering information about the person who uses the stolen device. You will be able to find out the location of the phone and listen to phone conversations. With all the spying features turned on, you will find the thief and return the device.

4.9. How does Remote Listening work?

Remote listening starts working when you call the target device from the monitor phone. The monitor phone is your device or any other device you can call from. When you call the target device, the Spyera app will answer the phone secretly. Then you will be able to listen to what is going on around.

The remote listening feature can only be used if the phone is not busy. If the owner of the target device presses a key, the call will end.

4.10. What does remote control allow me to do?

You can control all the spying features after installation of the app on the target device. To enable and disable the feature you can use undetectable SMS commands.

You don’t need to log in to your account every time you want to start or end the process. It can be remotely done via SMS.

Physical access to the device is required only to perform the installation of the application. For any other purposes, you can use SMS commands and control the Spyera app remotely.

4.11. What are the costs to connect to the Spyera server?

Spyera software sends the activity gathered using internet connection. Activity performed on the target device is the actual amount of data that will be transmitted. Your carrier or network provider decide the price for data transmission.

Receiving a phone bill, the user can only see an amount of data used. No Spyera name or ‘parental control service’ inscription will be indicated on an invoice.

4.12. What advice do you have for Pre Paid and Post Paid Users?

A lot of users who invest in pre-paid airtime credits have a limited amount of credits. Then the work of Spyera has to be limited too in order not to lose all credits at once.

If you are pre-paid user, you will be able to customize Spyera to monitor someone’s activity for some minutes a day. That way you will save some costs. To do that go to personal account and set the working hours for the app. You can also decide when you want the data delivered to your account.

Spyera stores all the recorded activity in your account. You can log in anytime to overview the logs and listen to recordings.

Post-paid users won’t face any restrictions. There is no need to customize the settings of the app.

4.13. Why is Spyera a subscription based?

Your Spyera account is the place where all activity logs are stored. Spyera doesn’t delete them or change: only you have access to your account.

To start using a Spyera app, every person needs to invest in the subscription plan. The subscription plan is the package that allows you to use all the spying services for the specific period. Spyera hires many people to maintain functionality of the app and guarantee flawless work on the target device. Thus, to start using the software you first need to buy a plan.

The manufacturers of the Spyera software decides the price of each subscription and also depends on the type of device you want to spy on.

If your plan ends, you will need to renew the subscription to continue monitoring. Note that you can change the target device within the subscription period.

4.14. How do I know I have Internet Connectivity?

To work correctly, Spyera requires target device to be connected to the Internet. If you can visit any site from your mobile browser, that means the device has the connection to the internet. The application will start working and sending activity reports to your account as soon as installed.

To download Spyera on the target device, you need to follow the link sent in the confirmation letter. You don’t need your PC to download and install the application. The app will be downloaded and installed on the device within several minutes.

4.15. I have 3G, is that Internet?

3G is a type of internet connection. 3G is the upgrade of second-generation cellular technology. If the target device has a 3G connection, Spyera will be able to monitor user’s activity on the device.

Parental control software works with every type of connection. Just make sure the internet speed is fast enough for you.  

4.16. Is there as Affiliate program?

Spyera features Affiliate Program. You can take part in the promotion of the Spyera software and get paid.

You can start by signing up on the official site of Spyera. Then you will get access to affiliate panel where you will find your ID. To join others Spyera affiliates, you need to introduce Spyera software on your website along with “buy now” links.

Spyera offers the affiliates use their pre-ready banners. But it is also possible to create own banner to promote the software.

You will be paid monthly for your promotion.

4.17. I have more questions!

Spyera customer support is always ready to deal with inquiries. If you have any questions left, you can always leave the request on the official site of Spyera. A support representative will deal with the issues as soon as possible.

5. Renew

5.1. How can I renew my subscription?

As soon your subscription expires, you will need to renew it to continue using Spyera. To ensure you won’t forget to renew the subscription, Spyera representatives will notify you via e-mail.

You will find renewal link in the notification letter. Follow the link to prolong your subscription. You will be redirected to complete payment for renewal.

Once the payment is confirmed, the app, installed on the target device, will be updated. New expiration date will appear in your account.

5.2. I purchased 3 months, and I want to renew 12 months?

You can change or upgrade your Spyera subscription. Go to manual renewal payment page and fill in the form. Add your e-mail, activation code and select subscription length you want to upgrade to.

Then provide your credit card details to pay for the upgraded plan.

5.3. Do I need to reinstall after the renewal?

There is no need to reinstall an application after the subscription renewal. But if your subscription expired, you’d need to enter another activation code to continue using the app.

6. Uninstall

6.1. How can I uninstall Spyera?

If you want to stop using Spyera software, you can uninstall the application anytime. You don’t need physical access to the target device to delete the app. To remove the software, go to your Spyera account and uninstall the app remotely.

6.2. If I uninstall Spyera, will Cydia or SuperSU become visible?

Uninstalling Spyera software from the device, you won’t enable visibility mode for Cydia or SuperSU. To make these apps visible, you should disable the invisibility mode firstly.

6.3. Do you provide a user manual for uninstallation?

Spyera provides their clients with uninstallation instructions. You can find step-by-step uninstallation guide on the official site of Spyera.

7. Why is mSpy better?

mSpy is one of the most effective parental control options on the internet. Not only thousands of satisfied customers can tell you that. mSpy grants parents full access to the devices of their kids. With many useful spying features, the software can ensure the safety of your child. What does mSpy offer?

  • Call blocker – Every person can sometimes receive a misdialed call. But sometimes strangers don’t misdial. They call the exact number with a clear purpose in their minds. Kids don’t know how to deal with strangers. They often get tricked without understanding the real danger.

    With mSpy you can protect your kid from intrusive people. By blocking particular numbers, you will restrict the person from calling your child ever again.

  • Social media spy – Social networks connect people from all around the globe. Kids also use social media often to stay in touch with their friends. You barely find a child who doesn’t have an account on Snapchat. Teens spend a lot of time texting with others, but are these texts harmless?

    Installing mSpy, you will be able to read texts of your child and see content your kid shares on social media.

  • Geo-Fencing – Not all the parents have time to collect their kids from school. Many parents work from 9 to five and can’t live their workplace to pick up children from school.

    Geofencing will help parents to stay informed on the location of their kid. You can set geofences and get notified every time your kid leaves or enters the specific geofence.

  • Device locking – Smartphones often contain a lot of information about their owners. Protect personal data of your child with mSpy. In case the device is stolen or lost, you can block the thief from accessing your child’s data.
  • Detailed reports – You don’t need to access your Control Panel every minute to check whether new logs appear. mSpy gathers the data into detailed reports. You can monitor the whole online activity of your kid overviewing the mSpy reports once in a while.

It’s difficult to find a parental control software, which is compatible with many devices. the mSpy app works perfectly even on the latest phone models. Try out all mSpy features and protect your child from dangers of the online world.

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