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SpyHuman: Ultimate way to track kid’s Android device

SpyHuman: Ultimate way to track kid’s Android device

As we are all aware, the smartphone market is growing at breakneck speed, and these days it is absolutely impossible to find a person without a smartphone, whether it is an adult or kid.

Smartphones have made our lives simpler and convenient, providing an opportunity to communicate with different people around the globe. But, like every corner has two sides, there are some dangers when it comes to smartphone use.

According to statistics, 7 in 10 kids have been bullied online. And the worst thing is that 30 % of kids will go to the self-harm as a result of bullying. Adolescents are at risk first and foremost as they are always curious to discover something new, especially if this fruit is forbidden. Unfortunately, kids don’t have analytical thinking, so are tend to take everything at face value and that’s why they can easily fall a victim of cyberbullies or other abusers. Now we came to the question which makes the most of parents alerted:” Is it possible to protect kids from online dangers?”. Undoubtedly it is, you just need to have a reliable monitoring app. And now let’s consider the SpyHuman app, one of the most well-known tracking apps on the market these days.

What is SpyHuman?

SpyHuman is a free Android mobile spy app, designed to give parents an opportunity to track all their underage kids’ smartphone activities at any time and place. Also, it can be used by employers to ensure that their employees don’t share the company’s info with third parties or mess around during the working day. SpyHuman has at least three benefits:

  • Parental control: helps to protect kids from online dangers and unwanted interactions;
  • Data Backup: keeps up-to-date with real-time data, uploading and updating all target device info on the SpyHuman server for further viewing.
  • Anti-theft: if the device is lost or stolen, it is possible to get instant SIM change notification in your control panel.

SpyHuman collects all target device data, for instance, call logs, SMS, social media conversations, etc., providing parents with an opportunity to have a clue what their kids are up to online, as well as offline. Besides, if your kid is interacting with a potentially dangerous stranger through the text or chat, you will be able to nip it in the bud and guide your kid about a cyber threat. It is essential for parents as:

  • 30 % of adolescents go to self-harm as a result of bullying online;
  • 10 % of adolescents commit suicide as a result of bullying online.

Prevention is better than cure, so it is crucial to know that all kid’s smartphone activities to prevent irreversible consequences. Monitoring kids’ online activities, alongside with their social media interactions with SpyHuman, can easily reduce the cyber risk and prevent unwanted exposure.

What Types of Activities I can Monitor Through SpyHuman?

Here is the list of SpyHuman free features parents can use to monitor their kids’ device. To cut short, SpyHuman features are the following:

  • Call logs: view the entire list of incoming, outgoing and missed calls. If your kid is talking to the unknown or unwanted person, you can easily block their number with SpyHuman. Also, it is possible to record and replay all the calls taking place on the target device.Additional information such as call duration, date and time stamps are also available;
  • Text messages: get access to all target device sent/ received text messages and view contact information;
  • GPS Location: track exact real-time GPS location and the traveling routes anywhere at any time. Additionally, such information is available: current location, date and time stamps, addresses and location details; latitude/longitude of a specific location;
  • Contact Book: monitor the list of contacts and their details. Also, you can view the list of people deleted from the target device contact book.
  • Social Media: gives insights on target device WhatsApp instant messengers, showing message body, time & date stamps, and contact details;
  • Web Monitoring: helps to track browsing history data, view the list of the most visited sites, access frequency, time and date stamps. Also, there is an option to block any suspicious or unwanted site on the target device remotely.
  • Live Monitoring: gives a possibility to record the surrounding voice remotely, checking what kids or employees are gossiping.
  • File Explorer: helps to monitor saved media files, storage details, and files in internal storage.
  • Gallery: makes it possible to view any image, photo, and thumbnail;
  • Restrictions: offers an opportunity to add restrictions for browsing history, calls, applications; camera usage. Also, it is possible to check the Wi-Fi status as well as enable or disable it;
  • App tracker: permits parents/employers to check the list of installed apps, daily app usage and date and time stamps for every installation. In case there is any suspicious or unwanted app, you can easily block it remotely;
  • Theft protection: notifies when the SIM Card is changed providing date & time stamps if the phone is lost or stolen;
  • Device Info: shows the following information: IMEI Number, Battery level, SIM card details, software, and operating system version of the target Android, Internal storage information, time & date stamps, Device’s account details;
  • Control Panel: allows to send multiple commands, view all available target device data and use different control features. To start using the SpyHuman app and monitor all target data remotely, it is needed to log into the online account with your credentials (login and password). The main benefits of the SpyHuman Control Panel include:
    • Simplicity in use;
    • User-friendly interface;
    • The list of 10 the most called numbers;
    • Websites access frequency;
    • The most used applications;
    • Possibility to view each activity separately;
    • View the reports on search and device usage;
    • All the information can be exported to xls, csv, pdf;

What is the Price for SpyHuman?

There are two a SpyHuman Pricing plans: Basic and Premium.

  1. Basic plan: is SpyHuman free version, which allows monitoring only 1 device without any charges. This package has the following features:
    • Call logs;
    • Text messages;
    • GPS location;
    • Contact information;
    • Browsing history;
    • Website blocking;
    • Calls blocking;
    • Apps blocking;
    • Device detail.
  2. Premium Plan: it is paid SpyHuman version, available for 9.99/month per device.
    • Call logs;
    • Text messages;
    • GPS location;
    • Call recording;
    • Browsing history;
    • WhatsApp messages;
    • Facebook Messages (currently not available);
    • Website blocking;
    • Surroundings recording;
    • Gallery data;
    • Remote photo capture;
    • Contact information;
    • Calls blocking;
    • Apps blocking;
    • File manager;
    • Device detail;
    • No storage limit for 30 days;
    • No advertisements;

How Does SpyHuman Work?

To get started with SpyHuman, you need to register SpyHuman free account first. For it, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the;
  2. Fill in the registration and then submit your action;
  3. Verify your email by pressing a verify button from the email;
  4. Download the SpyHuman application from the official site and then install it on your target Android device;
  5. Follow the full SpyHuman installation guide, which is available on their official website;
  6. Ensure to give all needed permissions;
  7. Once the installation is completed, the SpyHuman icon will disappear without leaving any electronic residue behind;
  8. Go to the and choose the login button;
  9. Then fill in all the needed details (login and password);
  10. Once it is done, it will lead you to the SpyHuman admin panel where you can track all your kid or employee activities taking place on their device.

All the SpyHuman features are situated on the left side, so just click on the feature you want to check and view all the available information.

For instance, if you want to check browsing history, just click on its icon and browsing history data, access frequency, the list of the most visited sites, as well as time and date stamps will be at your disposal. This way you can access the other features also.

Also, you can check for a green or red dot which indicates that Mobile Internet Data is on/ off.

SpyHuman phone spy app is available not only for parents but also for employers who care about the healthy working environment and information protection. The most beneficial thing is that there is a SpyHuman free version, so if a person wants to spy on texts or calls they can do it for free. Using SpyHuman free app, you can have a clue with whom your kid is texting online and ensure your employee is not sharing company’s sensitive info with third parties.

Best SpyHuman Alternative 2018

Without doubts, SpyHuman is good enough, especially taking into consideration its free version. But when it comes to more advanced monitoring, it is better to consider a more powerful and reliable app, for instance, mSpy.

As you already know, mSpy is a high-rated parental control app, which is aimed at protecting kids online, giving parents a peace of mind. Unlike SpyHuman, mSpy is available both for Android and iOS devices and has a broader range of high-quality features for the prevention and protection kids online, specifically:

  • Geo-Fencing allows to set safe and dangerous zones and check your kid’s movements around them. Every time they breach these virtual barriers, you will be notified.
  • Keylogger helps to monitor every keystroke typed on your kid’s device and ensures that kid is not involved in communication with online predators, cyberbullies, scammers, sexters or other strangers who can harm your kid;
  • Instant messengers, unlike SpyHuman that makes it possible only to monitor WhatsApp messages, mSpy has a more extensive range of available social media platforms, which includes:
  • Keyword alerts help to set a list of dangerous words and be instantly notified once the inappropriate word is typed on your kid’s device. For instance, suicide games, challenge, pressure, etc.

The other distinctive feature is mSpy Customer Support, which is available 24/7, unlike the one of SpyHuman, available only from 10 am-6pm, which is very inconvenient when you have an urgent issue to be resolved immediately.

Hope this SpyHuman Review was helpful for you. Now you know all ups and downs SpyHuman has and can decide for you what app to choose.

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