Spyic App Review: Is This Parental Control App Worth the Money?

Agnes W Linn
spyic reviews

With so many parental control apps out there, it can be hard to figure out which apps are good and which ones are worth skipping. If you’ve been searching for Spyic reviews and you’re not quite sure what to think, we don’t blame you. Spyic app for Android can seem a little overwhelming at first, especially with so many subscription options available.

But don’t sweat it. If it’s real reviews for Spyic you’re looking for, this is the one. We’ve put our best parental control app reviewers on the case to bring you an in-depth analysis of how Spyic works, what features it includes, and if it’s worth the money.

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What Can You Do With Spyic?

Can you retrieve deleted messages with the Spyic app? What about Snapchat pics? And is it possible to track their location on a map? These are the questions parents like you are asking. And there’s good news for you.

We posed these exact questions before conducting our Spyic app review. And today, we’re bringing you the answers. Here are the top Spyic features available from the Spyic login center.

Track SMS

They call this Track SMS, but really it’s just a feature that lets you read their text messages. While this is certainly a powerful feature, calling it an SMS tracker sounds a bit like you can track their phone by sending a text message. That’s clearly not the case.

But if you’re looking to read their incoming and outgoing messages, including ones that have been deleted, this is a powerful feature. And on iPhone, you can see their iMessages too.

Track Location

If you want to see where they are at any given time, Spyic can show you. In a few clicks, you can track their movements on a map, complete with timestamps that tell you when they were there. And you can view the present and past GPS-based locations along with Wi-Fi-based locations.

Geofence Alert

If there are certain areas in your neighborhood that you don’t want them to visit, you can set them in your Spyic account. When they enter or leave one of these zones, you’ll get a notification.

WhatsApp Spy

If they spend a lot of time communicating on WhatsApp, you now have a window into their world with WhatsApp spy. You can read both private messages and group chats. And it’s not just limited to texts. You can also see pictures sent through WhatsApp right from the Spyic login panel.

Snapchat Spy

Just like WhatsApp Spy, Snapchat Spy lets you see what they’re saying on the popular picture-messaging app. You can even track chat start and end times, plus duration.

Stealth Mode

Good news if you don’t want them to know that you’re monitoring them using a spy app. Spyic works in stealth mode, so they won’t be able to see that you’re keeping tabs on them.

Spyic Subscription Options

spyic prices

How much does Spyic cost? Let’s put it this way. Spyic isn’t the cheapest parental control solution out there. But for the number of features it includes, Spyic is competitively priced against other market leaders.

For those looking to cover a single device, the Basic and Premium plans fit the bill. If you have more than one device to protect, the Family plan is your best bet.

It’s important to note that while the Basic plan features a number of features that parents might find useful, some of the more powerful features, like Social Media Monitoring, are limited to the Premium and Family plans.

Spyic App Compatibility

# of devices1 device (Basic & Premium)
3 devices (Family)
Free trialNo
Location trackingYes
Social media trackingYes
Remote capabilitiesYes

Spyic App Pros and Cons

For the most part, Spyic ticks all the boxes for what a parental control app should be. The app is intuitive, it works in stealth mode, and there are a variety of features. But this wouldn’t be a thorough Spyic app review if we didn’t point out the flaws (and there are a few worth mentioning).


  • Clean and simple Control Panel
  • Support for Android and iOS
  • Lots of features in Premium and Family plans

spyic app for android


  • A little expensive
  • The basic plan is fairly barebones
  • The installation process can be a bit confusing

Spyic vs mSpy: The Battle of Two Top Contenders

We put Spyic’s top features to the test, pitting them against parental control app leader, mSpy. Here’s what we’ve found.

Control Panel

We’ve seen a lot of parental control apps that seem great on the surface. But their user interface made everything seem to complex and outdated. We’re pleased to report that Spyic doesn’t fit into this category.

The Control Panel is one of the best in the business. Just log in and you’ll be able to see everything that’s on the target device. It’s all divided into a great graphical interface that makes it easy to navigate, putting it in the same league as mSpy.

Winner: Tie

Keyword Alerts

While Spyic includes a keylogger feature, mSpy goes one step further. In addition to a keylogger, mSpy lets you set keywords. If those words are typed on their device, you’ll receive a notification. It’s a great tool to make sure they’re not saying anything controversial that could get them into trouble.

Winner: mSpy

Monitoring Social Media

mSpy wins this round, hands down. With support for WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Skype, Telegram, Hangouts, Tinder, Line, Viber, Kik, and Instagram, mSpy is arguably one of the most versatile parental control apps for viewing social media conversations.

While Spyic also lets you view conversations on tons of social media networks, the number of apps you can monitor on iOS is extremely limited.

Winner: mSpy

Is Spyic a Smart Choice for Parents Who Are Willing to Pay?

If you’re looking to get Spyic free, think again. A free subscription really doesn’t exist. At the end of the day, you’re going to have to shell out big money for the parental control app. Is it worth it? After reading Spyic reviews like this one, that’s for you to decide.

Spyic is definitely worth a look, but there are other parental control solutions that offer more value, like mSpy. We recommend reviewing that parental control solution more thoroughly before making your final decision.

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Agnes Linn was born into the family of an eloquent preacher (parish priest), with the inevitable passion for writing. She received classic education in Philosophy, as well as Modern Mass Media Management; married, mother of one kid.


  • FYI – SpyIC will not work with newer IOS devices as SpyIC requires two factor authentication to be turned off which is no longer an option on IOS devices.

    When contacted, SpyIC refused to refund the money, even though they have a 60 day return policy.

  • Awful. Advertised 60 day money back guarantee if dissatisfied. I use iOS and they not only needed email and password but two factor authentication turned off and if it has been in use longer than two weeks, they expect you to make a new user ID and sign that into all the apps on the phone you want to track, without two factor authentication activated. When I declined and asked for a refund, they expressed their legal right to decline the refund because I wouldn’t try everything to make it work. Turns out, if you write enough stuff everywhere then you can choose what’s convenient for your situation at any time. They didn’t even offer a free trial so I could figure this out before giving them money! Worst experience!!!

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